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My Boo

by I thought this was speeddating 570 views


Default Avatar Paul Docherty

Hilarious. Well done. Congrats on puddle reflection scene. Was probably best use of elements among movies I saw

Really well done guys, strong acting and cinematography. Tight edit, with alot of work gone into rotoscoping throughout. Loved the hanging / dopey looks from your main. The ghost guide was a hit too and well performed! Good comedic timing and the story holds up even with some minor errors. Audience seemed to enjoy it.

I'm gutted for you guys that you were late with this film but at least you got to see the super positive audience response. Your production values were high but maybe a little too ambitious given the time frame. Acting was great and script was very well written with some simple but humorous dialogue. Keep it up next year. You'll smash it.

Wow what a lot of work with the edge work around the ghost! What I loved: -Going through the door -Lyttelton Just needed an R. Lee Ermey type to shoot some bad ghosts at the cemetery with 2 mini-guns (One in each hand, like the original Wolfenstein boss).

I went to vote for you guys at my #1 spot and was gutted to see your film not on the list :( Would have loved to see you guys make finals, can't wait to see what you guys make next year!

Default Avatar NickMcLean

Guys well done - I thought this film was well executed and had great comedic elements. Awesome performances by all the cast. Who's idea was it to mimic the ghost scene/Location out of "The Frighteners"? Fantastic! That sold me instantly. It is such a shame that you guys were disqualified - Here's hoping you will win Best Disqualified film:)

Default Avatar nshady

I really enjoyed this - what a shame you were late. Some nice dry Kiwi comedy with a black twist.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy dies but in order to leave limbo needs to complete a task to free his soul. This was very slick, contained nice touches of humour, was well acted and managed to sustain its tone throughout. Was really well received by audience and clearly would have been a finalist if not for the DQ.

Such a shame this one was disqualified (I think it was 10 seconds late). - The glowing effect of the ghosts was done really well. - The story was good and solid and easy to follow. - I loved the helper ghost's attitude and mannerisms. Well done on all fronts.

I have no doubt this wins best DQd film Very well done

Oh boy, what a great film, and what a genuine tragedy that this was disqualified, I feel for you guys- I've been there too. A fantastic idea for a story- and executed to such a high degree. The lead is great, so charismatic, and he'd need to be for having such a morally grey motivation. But what a motivation it is! Dave was also a fantastic guide to purgatory, very good call making him a comedic character. I would have liked to have seen more of him, though I'm not sure how that could have worked with the story already as tight as it is. The leading girl, as well as the medium are both fantastic in their roles too, and I loved the medium's outfit- immediately told me everything I needed to know about her personality. Really good ending too, great closure/full circle stuff here that a LOT of films seemed to be lacking this year. This would have 100% made the shortlist and probably the final 15 as well. Totally my kind of film. This leaves me with trying to access what went wrong? What made you late? You mentioned to me at Hand-in that you spent a lot of time on the special effects to give the ghost characters an aura. My advice would be, you didn't need to do this, and you could have kept it really simple, and above all, practical. How about make-up or costume? If you set up a rule in your universe that all ghosts wear flowing white robes or something like that, I'd have never questioned it, and it would have saved you hours in the edit. This also leads me to my next point..... YOUR TITLE! "My Boo" is a great title, I totally get it, my only comment would be that if the ghost characters had looked more like traditional halloween spooky ghosts (hence my flowing white robe suggestion) this would have been a ever-so-slightly better title. Still, hindsight is 20/20. Please hand in on time next year guys, you could probably win this thing.

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