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Very clever little film - lots of laughs and the audience lapped it up. The ending was spot on and each post-credit shot helped fill in a well rounded little tale. Great acting from everyone. Nice

Default Avatar MistaTeas

High Water Mark made the CHCH finals in 2017 with their low-fi but high energy action short "Rough Trade". "Ghosted" has a similar vibe to the tech aspects but because it's so easy to engage in the story it doesn't detract from the enjoyment. Yes, we could have more light thrown at the darker scenes and maybe more variety in some of the shot choices but as the humour works so well it barely matters. I was quite jarred by the change in the film at the half-way point and did wonder if I was still watching the same film - not sure if that's good or bad! Don't change; you're doing great in this comp.

I also like yoghurt. Some good gags in this film, some advice for when you want low light is to start brighter and then darken it in post, the more light you have to work with the more control you can have over it later on, would have helped in the ritual scene to see you guys a bit clearer.

Organised chaos. Funny throughout. Good take on the genre that works well for 48hours Didn’t quite have the manic energy that their previous years films have basked in though. The concept is probably their strongest to date, simple but effective.

Absolute madness and High Water Mark doing what they do best. I'd have loved for our finals to feature a film as insane as your one last year, but selecting the top 25 and top 15 was an absolute dog this time around. Comparing this to your last film, I feel this this year's one isn't quite as tonally consistent, and the story is not quite as compelling. If you want to stick with your house style I'd say you should probably head more down the rabbit hole no matter your genre, I know Anti-Romcom can be rather subdued traditionally, but it doesn't mean you have to be. I want you to take me on another kick-in-the-nuts baffling adventure again next year please. As for you title, "Ghosted" is great.

I loved your movie. Great solid story with strong punchline at the end. I would have like to see more of a segway between the two halves of the movie. Hit the genre right on target and I really liked how you did the puddle.

I don't really know what to say about this. You guys always give me such great feedback, have a 7 mini-gun salute from me anyway. JJ

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