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K9 Catastrophe

by Drakonian 79 views


The lead actress got good laughs, and a great performance by the dog. A simple story, and told well. I got a bit confused at the end when she ran after the "cat", did she get hit by a car or something?

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Loved this movie! A tough story to pull off, especially with the dog as the main character, but you absolutely did it! So well done! Kudos!

Well thought out guys - a good ol' switch-a-roo style flick. Wasn't sure what happened at the end ? (car hit) but either way - this was clever and a cool little twist on the trope. Keep it up

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A girl wishes she had her dog's life. Guess what? The dog does an excellent job in this, so well done the team in keeping that under control! Likewise our lead throws herself 100% into the role jumping from one zany dog characteristic to another. The audience loved the humour from the beginning to the end and this is a good example of how you can incorporate another genre (Body-swap) into your give one. A bit grainy at the start but otherwise technically sound without going crazy with the creative. Certainly created an impression and it's great to see Drakonian back year after year.

wwooooooowwwww you're dog is so well behaved!! It yawned, it typed, it turned on your camera, truly fantastic. Man that was awesome.

Good concept for a 48hours short. I liked this one

Ughhh. Guys. SO close to the shortlist. I don't know if that's something you do or do not want to hear, but this film was definitely in the conversation, and all the judges including myself really loved the film. I'll get the bad out of the way: A couple of visual glitches in the beginning, which thankfully faded out as the film went on. The story starts really strongly, and as much as I loved the various sketches, they didn't develop or build as we go towards the end. I think the ending with burying the lamp was really good, but I would have still loved some closure. Had this film been as technically and narratively strong as the lead character's performance, I think it would have cleaned up at the finals. On that subject, the performance in this film is incredible, the lead girl clearly dove straight into playing the dog, and she does a great job, as does the dog which amazingly responded to so many of the story's cues like not wanting to go on a walk or typing on the keyboard. When we were vetting the films, I watched this one with my mum and she loved it and said it was her favourite, so you get the unofficial "AJ's Mum's Favourite Film" award. Also once again, well done for doing a voluntary Ultra. Mad. As for your title, I'm not sure about "K9 Catastrophe", 'canine' has no reason to be spelled like that and even then it's a pretty simple, easy to think of title. I'd have loved a pun or a double meaning or a portmanteau for the title, or something like that.

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