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Natalie & Gregory

by Moosefestation 204 views


This film was really clever - loved the stalker's attitude throughout, he was just a nice guy haha. You guys have done a really good job - timing and pacing felt nice. Acting was tight and the edit worked well to tell the story. Keep it up!

One of the stand outs of the evening for me. A great laugh all the whole way through, with a great performance from the lead. One slight concern of mine was that the girl's "why are you in my house??" dialogue got a little repetitive at the end there, and there were just a few missed opportunities I thought in the editing. For example, we have Gregory saying something like "can't wait to hear all the nice things she has to say about me", then if we had immediately cut to Natalie saying terrible things about him would've improved that joke a lot. Very excited about this film though, and can't wait to see more from this team in the future!

Love love loveeeed this film. This is the most anti-romcom I've seen so far (and I had to make one myself this year haha).

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy tells us about the great relationship he has with his "girlfriend". Unfortunately, that's not quite reality. So another mockumentary/Reality TV short that doesn't always apply the conventions of that consistently - for example, how did the camera get into the cupboard when he got in? Some good lines (You know how they say men don't listen? Well, I've never been close enough for her to hear me!) and as a result some good humour. Solid acting too from the two leads and overall a solid looking and sounding short.

Default Avatar nshady

Really enjoyable work, with a charismatic pair of characters, a slow burn premise than builds to a strong and funny confrontation throughout. Some lovely performances and good technical side of things - it was just fun to watch all the way through. Only narrative note was it was left a little ambiguous at the end who he was speaking to in the car. I wasn't sure if it was meant to be a policeman and he'd been arrested, or if it was the documentarian and crew. Either way, it felt like we missed a shot of him running away/getting escorted out so we knew exactly what the gag there was. Otherwise, great job! Good luck for the finals!

Default Avatar jilbo

This was very solid movie. The good quality of jokes were delivered so consistently throughout the movie that I couldn't help smiling the whole time. Definitely a stand out for me! And what was with the character Gregory!? He was doing so many creepy things but I still couldn't help but like him! Haha! Best piece character I'd seen that night. Comedy is very hard to do. And this movie slammed it.

Congratulations team on completing a film in 48hours. What I liked: The acting by the lead; justifying his actions hiding in the bushes. What confused me: The purpose of the documentary. I appreciate it as a simpler vehicle to get a finished film made, but I just have a preference for more over-the top things. It felt like a paraody of a TV episode rather than a short film. Fun to watch though. 4/7mini-guns for all those lone soldiers out there in a similar love-stricken situation.

While lovable stalkers are a little over-represented in 48Hours, I still found this film really charming and a really good take on the Anti-RomCom genre. The best part of this film is when Natalie says she wonders where Gregory is these days, and you see his out-of-focus head appear out of the bushes in the background. That and him hiding in the closet at the end. Overall this film's biggest strength is its comedic timing. I also thought Gregory's characterization was really strong, he seemed like a genuinely sweet guy. For what it's worth as well, even the backyard of the main location was pretty cool with all the chickens, sounds small but it added some nice production value to it all. To improve for next year, I would recommend you guys just knuckle down on your camerawork and make a story with higher stakes, as that's all this one was missing. As for your title, Natlie & Gregory is great because it makes you think they're together from the start, so it plays into that bait and switch at the start.

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