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Knight Vlogs

by Dead Revivals 86 views


Default Avatar Brodie Williams

Cant wait to see our film tonight

Default Avatar Harlem Brownlee

The movie was easy to follow. Clear Story with some well executed characters for this genre. Hard to hear in parts but it did not necessarily need it. I felt the monster was well used aswell, the use of suspense building with it was well timed and spaced out. @MistaTeas I agree, too much roaming in the dark and maybe audio troubles in the fairly long runtime of that scene. And great chemistry between the actors.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Three vloggers go to the forest in search of a monster. Vlogging, so shot in that style with shaky cam to the max in parts. Some good humour (eg the puddle use) but most of film is walking around in the dark waiting for something to happen and then the inevitable running. This doesn't make the film particularly unique as Blair Witch came out in 1999. However, the actors carried out their parts well and had a natural chemistry. Great too that we could see what was going on despite the night filming. @Brodie - did you miss the bit about "reviewing" your own film? Stick it in the team comment, dude.

You guys did a good job considering it was a night shoot and lit with head torches. Good chemistry with the actors and I liked the chatter over the titles. You had really good suspense and build up - there were a few good little warm-up scares in there with a hint of a monster face.... I just wish you ramped it up a few more notches toward the end, there was a-lot of potential to have a "filled-my-pants" moment. They all made it out alive?! Keep pushing Dead Revivals - getting better each comp.

Very impressive to get the shots you did at night, night movies are always a challenge to pull off. It's already been said here, the intensity overall probably needed to go up a bit more at the end, and I'd also add that the beginning when they're walking into the forest seemed to linger on a bit too long, but still a very solid effort from you guys.

Had this film been as good as its first 30 seconds or so, I think it would have definitely made the shortlist and probably the finalists too. The BLAIR WITCH vibes were obvious, but I don't know if I've seen it combined with the youtube vlogger format before. There's a really compelling idea in watching a Logan Paul character and his douchey friends get eaten by a monster during their vlogs, and if you'd gone this direction I think this might have been one of my favourites of the year. Unfortunately though, after the set up, I feel like you kinda dropped the ball in any kind of pay off. We sort of just watch the characters scramble around the forest for a bit and then there's a monster, and then they leave. I think the monster maybe got a little too much exposure and I could clearly see it was just someone with facepaint on, and if you can't go big, don't show the monster at all. You could have done a lot with the darkness, noises, the flashlights and silhouettes in the forest. Also the characters should have all died. I apologize for doing a point by point breakdown of your film hahah, I'm only doing it coz I felt it was so close to greatness and I'd love to see you improve and make some dope ass shit next year. As for your title, I'm not 100% sure on what "Knight Vlogs" means, I would have called this film something really clickbaity like "THERE'S A GHOST IN THE FOREST?! (Not Clickbait)"

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Vlog’s / mockumentries have been a feature of this year maybe it’s the vlogging culture maybe it’s the lazy af millennials who don’t know how to film either way the puddle was over the top and the film could have been better

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