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Two Steps Forward

by Meme Teme 81 views


Certainly the best team intro of the evening, and an intriguing short film. I think there may have been some audience confusion for a while as the initial dialogue about the time traveling pill was a little hard to hear. I liked the way the film ended, and it was good that I wasn't 100% clear on how the time travel worked. No film should get too into the nitty gritty details.

Quite a large idea to get into 5 mins - it can be hard to establish a relationship and tempting to fill in the blanks with dialogue. Good on you for not going into detail about the time travel pills - that would have been un-necessary. I liked the open ending and the bath scene was well acted... quite believable.

You guys had a really strong idea and it was well shot for the most part. Thought the bath scene was really impressive, and had a good ending shot. I would have liked to see some more close ups during the looking forward sequence to see the leads face better and draw out a bit more of that emotion, but overall a solid effort from this team, well done!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman's partner is a real jerk so she obtains some "Future Projection Pills" to sort this out once and for all. I love that this was a serious short and that the tone was sustained throughout ,as this had the potential to lurch into a dumb comedy. Fortunately, you managed to establish some good tension especially through your music choices. The acting was committed and the bath scene well executed. My main note is that the pacing could have picked up a bit earlier as it took a bit too long to get into it - so maybe a shorter film overall. Meme Teme have been in this for a few years now and this clearly is their best effort to date. Nice job.

Default Avatar nshady

Great team intro, big laughs - that then ended up a little jarring given the tone of the film to follow! You had a big concept to get through here, but unfortunately that meant having to use some well worn tropes to explain a domestic abuse situation, which for me never quite came together. The male partner was just a bit too much of a cartoonish villain, so it was hard for me to really connect and empathise with the lead in her predicament. You had some nice moments - I liked the idea of the shadow while viewing her future, and the shot of falling into the bath and drowning was pretty great - but it was hard to get past the feeling you'd assembled this narrative from off the shelf drama parts. Your production was well done overall with good direction, but for me I think it was a case where less may have been a more. Good luck for the finals and looking forward to seeing what you bring next year!

I had to watch this a couple of times to fully understand what was going on- though that might be my fault. Still, I prefer confusing story to no story at all, and you guys clearly have the fundamentals of storytelling down, and good on you for tackling a heavy subject. As with most time travel films this year, I feel the time travel aspect was a little underplayed. As for your title, "Two Steps Forward" is intriguing, so it works really well I think, plays into the time travel genre well.

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