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Stanley & Mildred

by Foreign Objects 62 views


Nice work guys, a fun little flick from a team who seems to always have a great time making films together. Some really nice sequences and thoughtful costumes in this one. Loved the classic baby powder in the hair. In the longer shots - you gugs actually looked pretty old! Hamsters are a nice touch!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Foreign Objects always go for it 100% and make the film they want to make and seem to enjoy the experience. I always respect them for that. For the longest time I thought we were getting the opening sequence to "Up" with this, then we got a sweet salvation story and then the carpet was totally ripped out from under us. Love how we were kept guessing. Really well received by the audience. Keep rocking it!

I loved how you handfisted the plot conveniences on us but then flipped it on it's head and left us with a tragedy my goodness I loved that. Great makeup aswell!

Foreign Objects have a good thing going on. These guys have consistently made charming and hilarious films for years now Stanley and Mildred is a worthy addition to the collection. This team proves that if you just commit to what you want to do 100% you’ll come out with something special. What I love most about this film is that its comfortable in its own skin, the performances and characters just shine throughout as a result. Probably my favourite use of a Time Travel movie this year too

This film slayed me guys. It was already funny enough with just how bizarre everything was; the old person make up, the adopted daughter, the casual mention of the fountain of youth as if it were just a new cafe that opened up. So funny, and for a while I wasn't sure if you guys were in on the joke, but then that ending, oh boy. I've seen the whole "character watches and laments over their own 48hour film" plot twist in this competition before, but this was the first time I've seen it actually still stay true to the genre, great stuff. As for your title, "Stanley & Mildred" is simple and obvious, but perfect. Come say hi to me at the finals/whenever you see me next coz I wanna shake your hand(s).

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