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Night Shift

by Bork


Default Avatar David Rogers

This is one of those films I hate to see as a competitor because of how strong it was, but on the other hand - It's a film that's great to see what can actually be achieved by teams that actually put in the effort for the weekend- especially impressive as a solo/duo team. As far as ultra goes, the use of split screen was good, but I especially liked that it enabled the fourth wall break gag - My pick for best use of the fourth wall break this heat. This film is easily going to make it to City Finals.

Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Awesome film! Way to pull that off in 48 hours! That must have been A LOT of work, well done :) Liked how you did the split screens with the security cameras. Songs were great. Hilarious that the colleagues were the monsters and how they were blown up at the end. Loved that they survived. Broken camera in the blast was a great detail. Clever forth wall break! Great movie :)

Very awesome guys - loved the split screen use and your animation style, especially considering it's created in 48 hours! Great jokes / gags throughout. High quality, huge laughs!

Default Avatar Erik Nally

To do an animation in 48 is such a feat. But to have such a good story as well. AND A MUSICAL amazing job. Be surprised not to see this one in the final

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

Animation, solo/duo team, split-screen and 4th wall break and a musical?! Yikes. The level of work put in here is astounding, but even disregarding all those insane challenges, this film is as top-notch as they come. Delightfully entertaining with little gags everywhere, it is extremely visually pleasing to watch. The CCTV cameras are a great way to conquer the split screen, and the comic book style of little boxes to take in works so well. City finalist for absolute certain, and could very well go further.

Default Avatar Kirsty Cameron

Literally turned to my teammate and said “well we’re screwed”. Someone find something wrong with this film. You can’t. It was hilarious, clever, brilliant and INSANITY to take on all those challenges and then some. Bravo Bork team, bravo.

What. Whaaaat. Whhhaaaaaaaat. Are you freaking kidding me man. How. I can't even. No words. Okay a few words - you pulled off a Solo/Duo-Animated-Musical-Ultra. And it WORKS, there is a story! It's a GOOD story! It has a brilliant twist. You've truly broken my brain. City finalist no doubt - probably gonna land top 3 too.

everyone’s out here raving about this film and giving it 6/7. um what more do you guys want? this film has it all. Ultra (more on that next) Musical, Animation, a rock solid script and great jokes. so far the ONLY film I’ve seen throughout the heats where ultra actually works for the film. a lot of ultra’s work inspite of the ultra requirements, only Night Shift works because of Ultra. (and most films fail because of Ultra) The split screen set up feels organic to the story, and never causes any confusion (other than when that effect is intended as part of the story) the forth wall break actually works, and doesn’t detract from the film. good call making it a passing joke. J**** F*** it’s also a musical. City Finalst for sure. without knowing who’s the rest of the country went, I’d put money on this being a Grand Finalsist, a Nomination for best Ultra, and would be surprised if this took out the best Ultra award (especially if it’s actually judged on best use of Ultra) Expect to see this go all the way to Auckland and don’t be surprised if/when it wins the whole comp.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a security officer has to work an extra shift on his birthday he must deal with some unexpected intruders. A simple story executed superbly. Wonderful animated and clever, effective use of the split-screen requirement which always had a natural feel about it and actually added to the film. Clever too were some of the shortcuts – most notably removing the need to animate moving lips by having the songs play out in the characters head or it was just too dark to see! Faults? Nit-picky but at times it was hard to understand some of the lyrics and the music was a bit too same-same. It was a predictable albeit satisfying ending. This is the best animated film CHCH has ever seen and a great ULTRA entry. Amazing that you did it in 48HRS. Sure bet Finalist and odds-on City winner. FINALS EDIT: Opened the CHCH final and was a fantastic watch. So much going on and so well paced. Shocked that it didn't place. Amazed that it didn't win. I'm not sure what else you can do. Star upgrade!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Look forward to seeing this again at the finals great complete short film that delivered in every element, it was funny and the best fourth wall break so far as well as a unique used of the split screen

Default Avatar BigG

Great animation great story and loved the song we are coming to find you.awesome.

Default Avatar nshady

I don't know what's more maddening - that a single person was able to deliver an animated short like this in 48 hours, or that it was simultaneously a comedy musical Ultra. Great work.

Ah shit here we go. I'll be honest and upfront, city manager impartialness be damned: This was my favourite film of 2019, I ranked it as a winner, and was legitimately mortified to discover it hadn't placed, I actually felt sick for a couple of hours after seeing the result because to me it was such an injustice. Not necessarily saying the top 3 didn't deserve their awards, but more that this film absolutely blew me away. The animation is slick, the songs are fun, the ultra elements are masterful, the story is great, and I think it has the best ending of any 48hour film I've seen this year. The shot of the explosion from outside the window coupled with the security screen breaking was such a FANTASTIC climax on its own, but the integration of Ultra along with it makes it that much tastier. While we're on the topic of tasty ultra, the 4th wall break is also, by far, the most well integrated 4th wall break I've seen out of all the Ultras in the country, and I'm pretty sure I've seen all the Ultras in the country. What's great about it, is that it totally fits in the language of the film, it's a throwaway joke, sure, but one that doesn't make an uninformed audience member go "Hmmm that was a weird joke". Another super effective part of this film which I love, is after Joe attacks the 'ghoul' and the "Gremlins" song starts, the shot of the screens closing in on him with "we are coming to find you" playing, is such a triumphant moment of the film, it's scary, its funny and it signifies we're now moving into the third act, and if there's one thing more 48hour films need to have, it's a third act. If I had to point out any weaknesses in the film, and I only feel I have to as some sort of explanation as to why it didn't quite make the cut of the top 3, I'd say the dialogue/sound mixing maybe wasn't 100% clear at times? A couple of people have mentioned to me that the character's lines are lost under the music, that sort of thing. But I dunno. Everything else about this film is firing on all cylinders, so I don't even really care about that. I love this film, and I'm very invested to see what Bork delivers next, inside the comp or out. TITLE REVIEW: Night Shift is an appropriate and very satisfying title.

Default Avatar ForeverNoir

This film is an exception piece of work and definitely something to be proud of! The film is so playful and fun whist delivering a captivating story that holds the audience's attention from beginning to finish. Throughout the whole 'We're coming to find you' song I was on the edge of my seat and I love the shot of the explosion from outside the window! The shot is so creative and delivers on the built up suspension in an unexpected way! This film is so complete it's a pleasure to watch and I knew it was something special from the first viewing, yet it still provides the same feeling with each time I've seen it! I'm ecstatic to see it in the national finals after (as AJ has highlighted) being so disappointed that it didn't place in the city finals P.S. The payoff of the golf club is something to be marvelled!

great effort, from the one person animator. this had a nice story, and good use of the ULTRA elements, the only gag the hit with me was the ending twist. the sound and song design were a bit uneven, and i did not find the character designs appealing at all, the rendering time for this project must have been intense, unless they had access to a render farm. nice work overall

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