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We'll just have to do things the long way.

by Mad Scientist 185 views


Default Avatar My Roxburgh

Babies with mini-guns. Now we are safe from the daleks. Will sleep well tonight.

An incredibly enjoyable Ultra piece. An innovative idea and well executed.

What can I say that hasn't already been said by the film itself! this beast was really fun and in the spirit of the comp "just get it done" attitude. Bloody hilarious moments throughout and you were clearly tired by the end! loved the baby dalek style high chairs, loved the home-made props - this is the sort of film that gets talked about for weeks. Awesome work.

This was hard core man super impressive to pull all of this off in only 2 days. Babies are awesome.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Once there was a war to end all wars but since then dying of natural causes has not been a problem. Overseeing all of this is a baby boss. Mad Scientist have the best props, costumes and 100% into their concept attitude of any 48HR team. It's always a wild ride and loads of fun. My favourite bit was the pissed off look on the baby's face. Was this short really about anything? No, not really but huge feeling, big action films within 5-minutes is what Mad Scientist do...and they have no peer.

Default Avatar nshady

This is a hell of an accomplishment to do a solo ultra like this, particularly with all the special effects and everything. Davros the baby plus clones plus madness. It was an eminently watchable collage of nonsense that you couldn't help but enjoy. It also doesn't really bring anything significant to the table - it's more like eating 70 red skittles all at once than a three course meal - but that's part of the fun. Looking forward to what you'll dream up next.

This one has to win the best costumes award (though, I guess you only have to clothe one actor!). - Good costumes good props. - Babies with mini-guns... Solid production and a lot of fun!

NEEDED MORE MINI GUNS (more little guns for little hands) Cute as hell, hilarious imagery. Good sense of fun throughout, This years ultra and solo/duo team is a hell of a combo. Pretty fun film as a result. Kinda hard to follow in places. But remarkable that it makes at sense at all considering how hard this film would have been to make.

I love you Mad Scientist. I feel like this whole year was a beautiful 48hours cocktail for you, from the solo/duo element, to the Ultra, to the genre. As for the film itself, it is exactly what we've come to expect from you/your team, and that is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because the competition desperately needs films like yours, they're genuinely breaths of fresh air, and you can just see how much you love filmmaking, genre films and miniguns. It's a bad thing because I think out of the last 4 or 5 films you've made, this one is kind of squarely in the middle for me- I think "One Man Army" will always be your "Citizen Kane", and that is by no means a bad thing. The question is, how, if you choose to, should you develop? How do you keep journeying down that rabbit hole? How do you make the craziest, most insane film this competition has ever seen? I'm not sure I have the answer for this, but I can't wait to see what you come up with. Other notes: Technically this film is a mixed bag, the green screen work and clone soldiers are all really great and effective, but I found a lot of the audio hard to make out at times- also not sure what was going on with that 20 seconds of black at the start, but it adds to the charm. As for your title, I absolutely adore "We'll Just Have to do Things the Long Way", it's so meaty and fun to say. I maybe would have preferred the traditional "hard way" instead of "long way" but that might just be me.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Just watched your film. I loved your styling and characters, it was very entertaining. The green screen looked good - I wouldn't have ever guessed it was done with a phone. Something that improves a lot of films is foley. I thought this film could have definitely used some stock sound effects to break up the constant music - like when the soldier was flexing and the gun being cocked. All in all great job. I think story wise your team has often nailed what you're going for - if you keep improving the technical side you'll be unstoppable!

Utterly embracing of Ultra and manic in the best possible way as an infantile overlord monitors his army in a post-apocalyptic bunker following the natural aging process on earth being stopped. This was militaristic bonkers film-making that danced to its own beat with an infectious drumbeat driving proceedings. Dubbing was well done too given the very young child When I say bonkers I refer more to the concept rather than the film-making which was steady and assured, with a gourmet of visual information for the viewer spread across up to 6 screen panels at a time. I really felt immersed in the world as well as hugely entertained, with some solid one-liners and a fast snappy pace. Oh and before I forget...the machine gun firing robot that looked like a Dalek brought joy to my heart. The interplay between the 2 lovers to be was also nicely done, although came into the piece just a tad late in my opinion. I feel that this team showed that a few seconds of clear expository dialogue is really all you need to set the tone and build a world, especially when the film is only around 3 minutes long. Torn whether slightly more to the plot and say roadblocks to the lovers would have added to the film or not. Big barrel of fun as it stands, though.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I really liked what this did with Ultra, it worked really well with the style that this film accomplished. I could probably nit pick about the genre but It doesn't really matter I guess in the grand scheme of things. If I had a critique it would be with the sound, This film could really have benefited from some foley work which is seemed to have very little of and a higher quality recording of the voice over. Apart from that it was pretty fun to watch I thought.

Super mammoth effort doing solo ultra with a 4 month old! Really impressed, it was so much fun to watch. I love watching movies that you just know the team loved making and that they did because *they* would enjoy it, rather than ones created because they're trying to make what they think others will enjoy. Film making is a creative and expressive media, and your films give a great glimpse into your mind, haha. I was really impressed with how much you managed with the green screen and masking in 48 hours, so hats off for that. Will have to watch some of your earlier films now and can't wait to see what comes next :)

Ultra Duo done right. I don't think I've seen a Mad Scientist film before, so this film was quite a ride. A great example of those rare gems of weird 48 hour films that don't take themselves too seriously. The ambitious concept drew me in despite the bad sound and variable visual effects. The payoff was clever, and I think even Davros would be envious of those Gatling gun chairs. Next year's compulsory prop for sure.

Having a baby makes me appreciate this effort far more than I would have in previous years. I enjoyed the creative use of editing to create multiple characters and think this was a great result of an ultra duo. Some tighter cutting could have made this much more impactul but a great effort nonetheless.

Great costume design, with emotive narration. The creative is very well done and well supported by the childs' acting. Brilliant. The fact that there is only 2 actors in this, makes it for me.

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