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Somebody Someone BurtReeto

2 Entries and 26 Reviews


Who's Bob?

Nice location used here. Black comedy with I guess a cliche use of the physical element 'wind'. I wonder if this is the year of the flatulence for the 48. Enjoyed the pace but would've thought there may have been more music and dance as it was it's genre. Some really great overhead shots.

Knots: a Documentary on Puppetism

Clever use of genre, a bit too much dialogue but this did not affect the overall enjoyment of the short. Cat hit wall?

Lambshank Redemption

Very clever with the 'ultra', great to see a sequel with a great script, Charlie Flowers forever.

The Right Swipe

Great editing, one of the better sounding shorts of this heat. Some real good laughs along the way.

The How, The What, The Who and The Why

Normal rainy day resumes for a single? parent of two sprogs. Great double entendre which encompasses the 'Sid South' character of old. Great story which is a little over narrated and viewer ends up being told of the little twist. Well edited and great acting from the children. Why did the plumber check the door on the way out?

40 Candles

Awesome cinematography here. The undertones of bullying came through well and very clever use of fade to attach the viewer to that. Great acting from all involved, even the one who had their contract screwed up from a state owned television company (TIC). Cool colours and lighting added to the tone of the film. Expect it to do well.

A Kiwi Steal

Great acting, predictable outcome. Good for a laugh!

Beast Mode

Good social commentary on the mental perils of social media. The main character is an immigrant to 'life' online, due to his age, and quickly becomes reminiscent of Bill Bixby. Very well acted, and great imagery in the bathroom. The make-up is outstanding and enjoyed the humour. Good short!!!!

Burgled on high

Well shot short. Split screen and Musical a challenging combo, one that worked for the majority of this film. I'm not sure if the split screen showing the same person in a different scene worked for me, however it worked when the narration led the visual. A bit of syncing was out. Enjoyed the reveal at the end.

We'll just have to do things the long way.

Great costume design, with emotive narration. The creative is very well done and well supported by the childs' acting. Brilliant. The fact that there is only 2 actors in this, makes it for me.

Sweet Child Of Time

A time travel film that took me back to days of 'Liquid TV'. Great characters and voices, left me going 'What the....' But I like that.

The Witnesses

A brilliant scene with the army guy in the cupboard. Technical issues let some of the dialogue go missing/quiet. Great short

Charlie Echo Alfa

My pick of the night, somehow the awkward humor works, cliches with kiwi hints. One to watch out for in Regional, great camera work and slick editing. Pretty funny characters as well.

DopeMonkey Live

What a gem this is. I was surprised not to see it placed regionally as it was a real well thought out use of genre that is current with social trends at the moment. I also feel it has a life outside of 48 hours so hope to see it appear again elsewhere. Well deserved national nominations as well. Animation would be a difficult genre if you don't know what you're doing. The story is well carried with song. It's a very clever display of hard mahi. Good luck at the Nationals with your nominations. There will be laughs galore.