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Charlie Echo Alfa

by Currie Street Creatives 425 views


My pick of the night, somehow the awkward humor works, cliches with kiwi hints. One to watch out for in Regional, great camera work and slick editing. Pretty funny characters as well.

Default Avatar 4Mary

A great short, thoroughly enjoyed it - great twist at the end - loved it was his mother that he revealed it too!

These guys do quirky well so I was looking forward to seeing another Currie Street Creatives film after last year. The film had good production values and a funny premise. It had interesting characters that drew us in, and I enjoyed the fun vibe to the editing. Nice one!

Fun! Loved the editing - it was thoughtful and clever. A well put together short with good acting.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two detectives/PI's abandon a stake-out in order to check on some other, more innocuous jobs. There were plenty of nice touches of humour (even if awkward kiwi is not my thing) in this and the buddy aspect of the relationship between the characters was well-played. The car was a more than useful prop and did its best to help drive what was a pretty limited story along. The camera work and editing were solid but I did find the constant hiss of the background audio distracting - what was that cicadas? Obviously did well regionally so great job!

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