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Somebody Someone Sez

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A Midday Murder

The Tanked Engines


Pillar to Post

A great film Dave and co. Was in my top three. Excellent production, editing, sound and acting throughout. Totally deserved Best Director and Best use of Line. :) I love the fact Touching Cloth do something different each year and are not afraid to try and move the audience with emotions other than humour. You rock.

Science Fact or Science Fiction

Very cool. Great concept! Loved the spider and the pie in face! Script was excellent and the kids did a wonderful job with their parts. Well done team!

A Boaring End

Another hilarious film by Rubber Soul. Every year these guys produce a slick looking film with a fun story and this one was no different. :) Loved Morgan - he had some fantastic lines!

More Or Less

Yet again team Touching Cloth produce a film in which the storyline holds your attention, draws you in to the lives of the very believeable characters and leaves you with a sense of wanting to know what happened next? It for me wasn't quite a true RomCom in that there was no happy ending for a couple, but there was a happy, upbeat ending, and so who cares right? I think the both the two leads were wonderful, and the mirrored activities were very clever. It was my favourite film of the night. Well done yet again TCP!

Morgan "Fly Boy" Foster

Very clever Bruce! Loved the youtube angle, the accent and the flight sequence! Must be a first for 48hours to have such impressive aerial footage!!

Morgan "Fly Boy" Foster

Very clever Bruce! Loved the youtube angle, the accent and the flight sequence! Must be a first for 48hours to have such impressive aerial footage!!

Winds of Change

Laughed my a*se off! A simple concept with 3 clear stages.

Beat Down

I loved the intro to this film in the gym (I was waiting for him to jump up and start a 'flashdance' or 'rocky' type dance sequence), and there were a few priceless scenes throughout (the dog had me both cringing and laughing)! I would have liked to see some more dancing or more obvious boxing type movements to tie it to the genre better, but overall a quirky, fun film to watch. The acting and editing were great.


Well done! I thought this was beautifully produced and held my attention throughout. The ending was indeed a shock - so you definately nailed the genre!

Charlie Echo Alfa

Fun! Loved the editing - it was thoughtful and clever. A well put together short with good acting.

On Top Of The World

I LOVED this concept - I thought the ash was very, very clever and the acting by the lead brilliant. However, I felt the storyline dragged a bit when trying to explain the how/why with Scarlet/Albert/Bruce - it kind of lost me a bit at that point. The editing was excellent and loved the team intro too. :)


Very clever (and my daughter says, cool!). The train set and the urban concept very good. An impressive effort.

The Secret of the Single Socks

Quirky but confusing. Loved the concept and loved the zen sock at the end.

Us... But Mainly You.

I think this team did a great job with the genre. It's one of my favourite genres to watch. The storyline was clever, and the two actors were great with all their different characters. I particularly enjoyed hearing a bit of Te Reo by Nana, the little ponies, and I liked the additional narrative of making a campaign video. I would have liked for it to have been a bit darker, with more farcical moments of humour. But for a team of two, I am well impressed with the amount of work they had to do to get this film made.

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Thoroughly enjoyable, dark and funny. A simple concept, well executed and what a wonderful nod to the absurdity of reality style TV and relationship drama. Another Pastafarian Productions classic! Well done.

Winds of Change

Laughed my a*se off! A simple concept with 3 clear stages.

The Visible Man

Enjoyed this. Felt like a classic thriller. Creative concept well executed.

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

This cracked me up. I loved the 'pulp fiction-esque' nature of the scene adorned with fairy lights and the storyline. The audio was not perfect, but the acting was pretty good, and the smash cut was clever - totally unexpected. :) Well done.

Unwanted Guests

Clever bunch of kids! Loved the black/white/red scenes and also the hilarious dream scene (dont want to give it away!). Some nice footage, but a little hard to follow the storyline at times. Well done.

The Shoe Box

Well done. The most real and technically excellent film I saw. Great camera angles, brilliant use of colour filters and the acting was great too. It actually felt inspirational, and I almost cried.

Pupper Paleolithic

My daughter says 'very, very funny'. We loved it. Clever short story, with fun characters and SFX. Well done.


This film was challenging to watch - but in a good way. Taking the genre and making it their own to highlight the challenges many people in society face - and how a little understanding and friendship can make a difference. Clever audio production and editing. Another great little story from Pastafarian.

For Generations

I really enjoyed this. Funny, clever script and concept. Very imaginative and quirky. Well done on the win. :)


This film polarised my husband and I. He loved it, I wasnt a massive fan - mostly because I figured it out before the surprise twist was revealed. I feel like it took too long to get there - I appreciate the story was based around her routine and that needed to be established though. In saying all of that that I also think the camera work was excellent, the acting was very good by everyone and the concept was very much in keeping with the genre. And the fly soundtrack building thoughout was a nice touch. ;)

Yeast Infection

This film was so over the top cheesy bad with it's use of the prop that I actually really loved it. I laughed so much at the end with the face and arms! I think the acting, camera work and editing were decent too. And there was a storyline in there in amoungst the silliness. I hope this team enter again next year, as this quirky sense of humour is a gift.

Dead Lucky

Sorry, not a fan. Maybe animation should have its own category for judging? Saw it at the regionals and the sound was terrible. The song itself is very clever, but just didn't get it.

Keith's Belief

This film had me in stitches! I thought they did really well and like the other reviewers, I hope they enter again in the coming years - some real talent here for storytelling through film. :)

Double Booked

I enjoyed this film. It was fun, quirky and the storyline was simple but it worked well. I noticed a few sound issues (which all of us with basic equipment have to deal with), and there were a couple of scenes that could have been shortened but overall I liked it. I thought the dark haired girl was an excellent actress too. :)

Rub A Dub Dub

I had high expectations for this film, as this team is always brilliant - however I'm sorry to say that I was a bit lost with the story and the sound was a little off in places. The actors all did an amazing job -and there were some classic Rubber Soul laughs in there but I just didnt quite follow the storyline - and so the whole thing felt a bit muddled. The camera work was very good and the opening scene was gorgeous. I would like to watch it again to see if it grows on me.