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Rub A Dub Dub

by Rubber Soul Productions 303 views


Default Avatar IMCO

With some breath-taking opening shots, I was sure this was going to be another top contender for rubber soul, but something just didn't quite gel together. The sound levels seemed to be a bit off, which is unusual for this team. I genuinely feel that with a second viewing, the short would grow on me - the concept was clever - but I just didn't quite get it first time round.

I had high expectations for this film, as this team is always brilliant - however I'm sorry to say that I was a bit lost with the story and the sound was a little off in places. The actors all did an amazing job -and there were some classic Rubber Soul laughs in there but I just didnt quite follow the storyline - and so the whole thing felt a bit muddled. The camera work was very good and the opening scene was gorgeous. I would like to watch it again to see if it grows on me.

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Def not the best this team has produced (considering the level of films they have produced previous years that doesn't mean its bad) still one of my favourite from the night. The filming was awesome - definitely the best cinematography of the night for me. Just lacked the strong story & script they usually have. Characters were fun and I get the feeling that a repeat viewing would show more little details I missed (I did just manage to catch things like the R R Hood on the envelope but it was almost to quick) not sure what was up with the audio at times does seem strange from this team. Some good laughs and the end (after the credits) was great. Just a bit more cohesive script and it could have been a stand out.

Default Avatar 123film

I was expecting... more. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice little film, just from past years Rubber sole had me expecting something more cinematic, more homegrown. This years film was a fun idea and a nice story, but lacked substance, was perhaps to long or the pacing was off. I don't know what went wrong this year, too many bakers in the bakery?? Visually it was both up and down for me. The intro had me expecting big things, unfortunately I felt it came on too strong in the opening sequence and the helicopter shots just were a bit to in my face like "hey look at our drone, here have another aerial shot, and another" the drone shot were really cinematic and the colors were really nice, just too many of them. In the interrogation scene I think I understood what they were trying to do but it just didn't have the cinematic feel that was established in the opening, I wish it was. I would of appreciated even just less noise and slightly less stylized with your framing. The thing I love about Rubber sole was their playful banter, and comedic pacing between the actors, it really did shine. Overall enjoyable just not enjoyable enough.

Default Avatar 24FPS

I really liked this film, I haven't seen this teams previous films like other reviewers mention but if they were better than this they must have been amazing as this one was great. The actors did a fantastic job. I didn't find the drone shots to much - except for the opening one the rest could have been done with a crane so don't see the problem there. I liked the subtle play on the fairy tail and fairy tail characters however I do agree there could have been "something more" story wise but was my favourite of the night.

Default Avatar tickthis

Not at their usual standard this one. I felt it more of a comedy than a mystery. Sound issues aside (which may have been theatre venue's problem rather than the actual films production quality) it felt the cinematography also fell below Rubber Soul's usual high standard, although the opening shot with the time lapse aerial sunrise was stunning. Dinnie was awesome as always in his role. I know Rubber Soul will take this one as a 'lesson learned' and come back next year in full force.

Default Avatar 4Mary

I really liked the capturing scenes at the beginning, however once in the dark room it turned into a comedy and I missed getting what the mystery was. Oh well I should pay more attention.

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