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On Top Of The World

by Flap Snot Productions 184 views


Default Avatar IMCO

You need a strong, charismatic actor to carry off this genre and Flap Snots actor was awesome. Loved the fake buddies and the seduction of Scarlet. Would have been a top contender for me, ticked all the boxes, but for the reflection of another person.

Default Avatar Tamara Rimland

What a great actor you guys had! To take hold of the audience and lead them on a journey! It started out really clever. Ashes of remains everywhere, dude having to bypass these and carry on. I enjoyed the fun you had in regular down town Plymouth, could recognise places, direction myself. Then the football game was too long and weird. Last man on earth watching, then playing and then watching again. That should of been on different days wearing different clothes in different seats to show time. The goat scene was weird. Improv is great but cut it short when it drags out. Your only friend in the world and its a goat and you goade it? Give it the carrot you meanie. And audience thinks, how is the goat alive? No dog, cats or possums, were in town? Scene at the table great, no one else on earth, what does he do for a dinner party. Dragged on, the guy is crazy but watching him 'quite talk' with his actress was too long. Would he really have to his table the other two characters? Three men and a woman? weird, then dragging off the chair. If you go that route a mannequin would of been better. Quicker dialogue to access her body. The guy isn't crazy just alone. More drama here maybe than 'pretending to hear' would of been believable. He is horny. Sushing people at a table is weird and not needed here, we all know that they aren't talking. Well done guys it was a great effort, perhaps tell your crew you are filming a crew intro before we have to see the cougars butt lol!!!!!

I LOVED this concept - I thought the ash was very, very clever and the acting by the lead brilliant. However, I felt the storyline dragged a bit when trying to explain the how/why with Scarlet/Albert/Bruce - it kind of lost me a bit at that point. The editing was excellent and loved the team intro too. :)

Default Avatar Edward Aish

Well done - definitely well acted and strong concept, I liked the soccer scene, the interaction at the table fell a little short compared to the rest and end could have been slightly stronger but Well Done!

Default Avatar 24FPS

Great main actor and the ash was a great idea, just fell apart a little for me in the execution and pacing. Seemed ere a few technical issues with sound picture and the table scene dragged a little for me.

Default Avatar tickthis

Enjoyable film that I thought could have been half as long. My two biggest problems with this were the reflection in the shop window when he was the last man on Earth and also talking to the camera if he was the last person on Earth. I like the story though.

Default Avatar Camera geek

Awesome actor and interesting twist on the genre. I liked how he started off seeming kind of normal but then got progressively more crazy as it went on.

Default Avatar 4Mary

How great were those piles of ash, very creative, and placing them all for the shots. Well acted too.

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