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Default Avatar Tamara Rimland

I enjoyed the idea. I loved the scenery shots and walking into the water shots. Brave woman! Its freezing here in the Plym. The tidal shots were great. Someone really has an eye for a scene and the editing of it. Even her lying face down in the water was believable. Well done. Overacting by Dad in the beginning made it awkward. I felt upset at mum choking? (even though she was acting) mainly because of the toddler and baby nearby and the baby was just frozen staring at her (hope it doesn't traumatise baby later). Maybe going to get a something from the car and collapsing then to be found by dad. The hospital scene was too long. Well done on the blip heart monitor though. He is considering turning off the mother of his children's heart monitor and 'no tears' just like damn, don't want to fill out this paperwork shit. A typical man there haha! Couldn't hear the dialogue very well (a problem with shorts no good sound) for the blips. That was too long. Her dream sequence was nice, but felt weird that she fell off a cliff and woke up. Usually falling off a cliff is death. My buddy 11 year old couldn't understand why she woke up after falling off the cliff. And he doesnt know dynamics of film. Could of had something raise her.... attention upwards, seagulls, something about the children? like a ball, but looking forward... Dude coming in at the end - brilliant. Well done guys!

Default Avatar IMCO

Nailed the genre - totally didn't expect that ending. Well shot and the actors played their roles credibly.

Well done! I thought this was beautifully produced and held my attention throughout. The ending was indeed a shock - so you definately nailed the genre!

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Nicely produced - although pacing was a little off at times - the end was funny and did fit the genre (although I did see it coming but thats just me) Personally the drowning and cliff death scenes didn't really work but again that is just my opinion. Not perfect but definitely a Strong film.

Default Avatar 24FPS

Interesting film with a strong ending. A bit slow through the middle but well done

My initial takeaway thought was definitely "How on earth did she get in that ocean this time of year?" haha. But I did enjoy the movie and I thought it was better than their one from last year, so well done team. I liked the shots of the beach, although some maybe went a little long without knowing what was really going on in her mind or back in reality. I thought the dude could have used a bit more emotion when trying to decide whether to turn the life support off - that's his wife and mother of his kids there! But well put together and it looked good. Nice use of the heart monitor and a good ending. Look forward to seeing more from these guys :) Edit: Something wasn't sitting right with me about this one, and after the second viewing I put my finger on it when I thought: "Wait a minute... If she just woke up then doesn't that mean she doesn't need the life support anymore? Surely her brain would have got the lungs, heart etc. in order before getting conscious thought and open eyes back on the agenda." So now I think the story could have been improved a little by having her dream sequences end with her swimming towards the surface, or climbing a hill, and almost reaching the top, just about to get there, before Harper comes and unplugs the machine. Still enjoyed the short though :)

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