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Beat Down

by Camera Child 1,311 views


Default Avatar Tamara Rimland

Very clever by these aspiring lads. I really laughed hard at their antics, it was a little too long in the beginning - we got the idea of the hard arse dude sooner than they most likely needed to carry on with. Then after he mentioned something like (dont quote me I only saw it once) - 'I fight you'.... It went on to fighting YOU - like everyone around him. I have to be honest and looked at their other vids on youtube and thought not the best about them, naked young men, stepping over tripods in scenes lol. But wow Im impressed they have a lovely idea of what they want to shoot, it was fun! My emotive response to their film - CRACK UP! Keep going guys!

I loved the intro to this film in the gym (I was waiting for him to jump up and start a 'flashdance' or 'rocky' type dance sequence), and there were a few priceless scenes throughout (the dog had me both cringing and laughing)! I would have liked to see some more dancing or more obvious boxing type movements to tie it to the genre better, but overall a quirky, fun film to watch. The acting and editing were great.

Default Avatar IMCO

This team are fast becoming one of taranaki's top teams. This short was cleverly executed and had some awesome comedic moments. My only critic would be that it was more mocumentary than rockumentary. I did at one point think that all the training in the gym was in preparation for a dance-off, but apart from a couple of skips and a strategically placed ghetto blaster, it didn't really adhere to genre.

Default Avatar 123film

I have to say this film was my absolute favorite. It really was the one that stood out and I remembered. I like the Entertainment value it had, the way it lead me on to expect one thing then turned around and surprised me. The main character was really well developed in the opening and what a character he was. The dog kick really did it for me topped off this hilarious creation. The VFXs on that shot were practically seamless. Overall I think this team really did quite well with the genre. More dance then "rockumentary" he even says "I'm so good at fighting, its like dancing" or something like that. That line rally help me identify what they were trying to do. And the pacing was excellent to i like how they cut it to the music it felt like a music video to me. LOVED IT CANT WAIT TO SE IT AGAIN!!!!

Default Avatar ShortFilmBuff

Fun film with some good parts but as a whole falls a bit short, competently put together but too slow at the start and then the story just fell apart imo, only really scrapes through under the genre too but that can be forgiven. The highlight were a couple of slapstick gags like the kicking of the dog and body slam of the old lady but I don't think that is quite enough to flesh it out as a compelling film.

Default Avatar 24FPS

I did like the start and the big guy dancing was funny but it kind of fell apart from there for me. Once music kicked in it seemed more like a fight scene demo clip and ended fairly weak.

Default Avatar tickthis

I've enjoyed other films by this team more than this one. I don't think it hit the Musical genre well at all. Nicely shot and well edited but for me the story fell short.

Default Avatar 4Mary

Lots of laughs once the 'dance' started. During the intro in the gym I missed hearing sound effects of the equipment - especially as there were so many with the fighting.

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