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Keith's Belief

by Quantum Studios 696 views


Default Avatar IMCO

I really enjoyed this film, good strong ending and it was one of my favourites of the heat. It had the potential to be a strong contender but for one issue in my opinion. The lead actor had a great look for the role of the geek, the theatrical over-acting was not necessary, subtlety would have worked better (no disrespect to the actor - he may have been following direction). All in all a good comedic entry and they nailed their genre well. Another team to look forward to in the future.

Default Avatar Trionet

A fantastic film from a fantastic team! Great for another newbie to be nominated and in the finals! I was captured right from your superb intro, right to the last scene. My entire row, and the room was filled with laughter and the genre was nailed! I confess, I am gutted that you guys got nothing for what I call, a team on the horizon. Can't wait to see more of Quantum!

Default Avatar regina_phalange

A great effort by this young team. A really funny and endearing film with some great lines... 'It's too steep'! The ending was a great surprise and I feel they nailed the RomCom genre! I hope to see more of this team in coming years.

This film had me in stitches! I thought they did really well and like the other reviewers, I hope they enter again in the coming years - some real talent here for storytelling through film. :)

Great little film, loved the ending. Agree that the over-acting needed to be turned down a bit. For next time think a bit more about what the camera might also be seeing in the background - there were a lot of identifiable people (so you'd need release forms from them all), a few logos, number plates on cars ... if you can eliminate the more obvious of those things you'll increase your changes of progressing further (IMO). Think about little details too, especially when you are going to do a close up on something - the glasses didn't look as though they had any glass in them. It's just a tiny point I know, but they can all add up in leaving a good impression on your viewer. See you next year.

Default Avatar Filmbeast

I really enjoyed this film. I thought the lead actor played his part perfectly, reminded me of a young Mr Bean with a little mix of Jim Carey. Loved the ending and cannot wait to see more from this young talented team!!! Congrats Quantum Studios!!

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