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The Visible Man

by The Fubbs

A couple of goons discussing their next hit receive an unlikely visitor. Or... do they? Just watch the movie, it's only 3 minutes.


When he's peeing, does he say he "drank a lot of pee today"?
If so 10/10, 5 starts.

This is a review and not at all a comment. It's a question if anything but no! It's a review.

10/10, 5 starts.

Enjoyed this. Felt like a classic thriller. Creative concept well executed.

This is my absolute fave. The Plan 9 Criswell/Vincent Price guy at the start, the menacing gangsters brandishing their weapons, the comment about drinking pee... There was no part of this movie that wasn't a riot - it's perfect. I'm still randomly remembering bits of it today and chuckling like an idiot.

Incredibly well executed and a really tight story! Definitely keen to see a behind the scenes if one surfaces :)

This was a well thought out movie, from script to screen. deserved to be better recognised.

Nice work! It was super funny, original, and I imagine the VFX must've been very hard to do in only 48 hours! Great job.

Yeah nice work, good voices/accents with the characters and some good humour - fake moustache on an invisible man ha!

Absolutely adored your piece, the effort that went in is highly appreciated and respected. Stunning work

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