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Somebody Someone calebrayner

2 Entries and 3 Reviews


City Finalist

Common Scents

Papaioea Peasants

The Cat Pee Mystery

Curlyfries Studios


The Visible Man

Nice work! It was super funny, original, and I imagine the VFX must've been very hard to do in only 48 hours! Great job.

Rekindled Spirits

That was amazing! One of my favourite parts was the three way plot twist haha

The visuals, audio, story, and general style of the film was so well done (especially for one person). I definitely think you deserve a place in the grand final!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Nice job! The animation was great and the overall quality was so good - especially considering it was made in only 48 hours! It's super funny and high quality. The sound is sooo crispy too! Great work.