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Common Scents

by Papaioea Peasants


I loved this film, really enjoyed watching it. It was a great take on a superhero film, and an interesting choice of power! The film was technically sound, with good lighting, and looked really polished. I don't care how overdone people say they are--I always love a good mockumentary!

One thing to be cautious of was the Bob the Builder song... Got to be careful with that copyright stuff.

The performance by the lead was fantastic--a really captivating character and the other actors were also great. I liked that this had a good story arc and some character development, as well as looking good and tidy. Sometimes films are technically amazing but lacking story and character development, and sometimes they have a great story and character development but a lot of technical issues. This film did well on both fronts I think! One of my favorites of the heat :)

After drinking Chernobyl juice from a Russian wizard, our happy go lucky lead is given the power to smell into the future, and whilst he tells interviewers that he could use it for greater good, it gets relied on for fart and burnt toast jokes here.

Personally I am not a fan of the mockumentary style in 48 Hours. In particular when people sit down for 'talking heads' interviews it creates a reliance on exposition of talking to the camera at the best of times, however here it was only used a tad, with more of a 'camera following the guy around' type approach, so the focus was actually on developing the plot by documenting the guy.

From a technical point of view this was solid, with steady camera work and editing, and particularly clean sound. For mine though, the film had a great start with the origin story of his powers, but was quite light weight in how it played out, with the aformentioned fart and toast jokes not hitting for me, and the concluding joke also feeling a bit throwaway.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 2/5

Great short, held my attention throughout. It was a good story.

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