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Somebody Someone 4MARY

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I'm Sorry

Bread and Butter Productions


Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

It held me in suspense, and only three minutes long. Enjoyed this.

A Midday Murder

This was great. Liked how you used poetry for the narrative. Shots were great. An enjoyable watch.

The poacher

Thought the cinematography was great and editing really made the story. A bit of work involved in that. Liked the depth of the story too, a great achievement in 3 minutes.

The Cat Pee Mystery

I liked the start of this short. Well done with having multiple roles.

Bathtime: Episode One

An enjoyable adventure. We all know about the antics when the bath time call is made! Liked the cinematography and how it was raining outside when you were inside, but sunny when outside? A great watch.

2047: Abandoned Planet

Great movie, high production values. Neat little story. I wasn't expecting the ending.

Science Fact or Science Fiction

What fun. Particularly loved the fact about a ducks quack, didn't even know it was a thing! Great script. So neat knowing the people behind the voices.