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by Bread and Butter Productions


Big props to going for Ultra, this year was definitely not an easy requirement but this film was visually stellar with clever design decisions giving proceedings such a fantastical quality through the use of neon lighting.

The basic plot of the film was of potential alien contact, as sounds came through over the monitor for a girl who used to have earth as a home. This was contrasted with a couple of astronauts landing on a planet and reporting back that the terrain should be good to live on.

I'm not going to lie I think this leaned way more into sci-fi than fantasy, and realising this on second watch does detract points from the film for me big-time. I think that just including the alien voice sounds and having a fantastical tone pretty much skirts around the actual fantasy genre requirement.

Editing was in my opinion a mixed bag. There were some beautiful flowing dreamy transitions yet at other times slightly out of focus footage was left in, and then the astronaut dialogue scenes were wild as we had several cuts even mid sentence as the two people kept talking whilst sitting down. I personally found it distracting, and whilst I appreciate trying to keep up the energy in the film I think there needed to be more of a reason to edit the dialogue.

The actors delivered their lines well, but it also was expository and I just personally wish that we had a clearer narrative arc. As I said I liked the design and a lot of how the film looked and sounded, but was ultimately a little confused.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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