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The poacher

by Grazed Lockley

A Mother struggles with raising two boys and running a farm while also dealing with poachers threatening their livestock.


Nice work man! Great story line and twist. The cinematography, lighting, editing, and soundscape really added to the mood of the film and drove the story. A great effort for what I know was a 1 person technical team with obliging family members as actors.

Dog played its part wonderfully and great cameo by you! Some of the dialog was a little quiet but that was mainly the kids and that's always a bit of a challenge. Awesome work Grazed Lockley!

Good stuff, loved this film. The kids did a top notch job at making this believable. As well as the other actors, great work team!

Thought the cinematography was great and editing really made the story. A bit of work involved in that. Liked the depth of the story too, a great achievement in 3 minutes.

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