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Stella And Blarg At Large

by Pastafarian Productions

Stella and Blarg are interstellar bounty hunters, always at odds with law enforcement. How will they handle their biggest mission yet? Find out in this animated crime musical!


From the team: I am just so happy I managed to complete this this year and submit something on time! I had fun and I hope people that comes through and people enjoy it at least a little!


A fun animation as usual. Made me smile when I saw Stella was pregnant. Very creative characters.

A charming animated musical by Pastafarian Productions, exploring with great care the anxiety of getting something important off one's chest via some fairly universal themes.

Long distance relationships are tough, and tougher still when built on a foundation of exciting but dangerous activities such as bounty hunting. Quickly Hannah Taylor grabs our attention by raising a dramatic question that propels the film... we as an audience wonder why the hesitation about something so fun and exciting? It offers a really interesting dynamic of the open star-filled expanse of space and a colourful alien creature with some human drama. A smart choice.

But with a quick reveal, shock and vomit, an interdimensional portal kickstarts the film into overdrive and we get into the meat of the film exploring familial responsibilities and reminders that people don't change, they grow. Or sometimes revert back to habit by zapping Zords.

I loved the colour play in the film and thought the story was engaging and funny. Animation is tough as nails to do in 48 let alone develop well rounded characters so that was a huge plus for what I loved about the film. Songs catchy AF as well!

For me just 2 very minor nitpicks. One was the edit which was amazing in the video call, cutting and breaking up at just the right moment to make a believable, raw intimate conversation, and continued oh so well to holding the child...I just wondered if Blarg should have shown a little bit more emotion to match the songs and action on screen? Again very minor nitpick!

The other is kind of to drive home the upbeat emotional resonance of the song "Zap It out" some close ups or cinematic shots would have done wonders for mine instead of staying on the static plane. Your mastery of 2d animation if sublime, but some more movement would have elevated the film even further I think. It worked well for the match cut of course by staying on the same said plane.

Ps this might just be the best warning in the whole competition this year. Love your work Hannah!

Loved the splitscreen song!!!!

It was a fun film, I enjoyed the character designs this year and the music told the story well.

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