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Rekindled Spirits

by Pastafarian Productions

June and Trevor go camping to revive a relationship that is on the rocks.


Wow, that was another great film Hannah. That first song was exceptional! I wasn't expecting it to get weird. What fun you had creating it. Great idea to cover the invisible with a sheet so we could see. Loved the kissing, haha. Nice ending.

Amazing! An ultra solo animated voluntary musical with a hilariously quirky plot, two whole songs, heaps of character animation, and excellent integration of the compulsory elements. I hope we see this one in the grand finals. A spirited effort indeed.

Great animation; less kidult/opinion it could be huge; wish i could do that, call RSpirits! :)

Bloody well done campfire animation reminiscent of Mukpuddy's classic Auckland winner from 2007 'Camp Fear', with terrific voicework, even catchier tunes, and the most charming ghost unicorn this side of South Africa.

With a plotline of saving a stressed marriage through paranormal reality TV at a haunted lake, things get a bit spooky when wet blanket dark humoured Trevor leaves his wife June alone and she starts hearing voices. How things progress from there are surprising to say the least as passion is rekindled near the kindling stoking the campfire.

Honestly these were some of the best songs I've heard in years in this competition. "Best Things Come in Threes" was an absolute jam, with the verbal dexterity and delivery simply joyous. I've mentioned the voice work earlier, but how you gave life to June, Trevor, and the charming seductive ghost was fantastic.

Animation was really high quality, with well textured backgrounds, bright colours, and subtle but engaging touches like eye movements keeping characters alive at all times, let alone the well done crackling fire. I also liked the edit, moving from wide shot to close up with a necessary but never overdone efficiency that takes a lot of craft to pull off in animation.

I could actually see this make the grand final. It's kind of a hard film to find fault with really, my only nitpick being the opening exchanges between June and Trevor whilst engaging and setting the scene were a little stand and deliver/static, but things very quickly turn around, and building bigger and bigger with your story beats is always a good thing.

Oh yeah and absolutely nailed both the heartbeat and invisibility requirements.

Story: 4/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

That was amazing! One of my favourite parts was the three way plot twist haha

The visuals, audio, story, and general style of the film was so well done (especially for one person). I definitely think you deserve a place in the grand final!

Such a good watch! The songs were top notch, animation was great and the story was really engaging.

Cute. Resounds with personality and personal vision, standing in contrast to the chaotic sometimes muddy collaboration of many 48 Hr entries. Great voice work and songs, particularly 'Threes'.

Amazing work! Love the artistic style of the animation, very cohesive and worked well with the voice-overs. Cheerful singing and a great plot twist! Hope to see you in the Finals.

Loved it! Funny, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, great lyrics... and weirdly beguiling!

Love it, the story line, voices, songs all come together so well ....simply awesome and incredibly well put together. My favorite bits are every time the ghost responds with a muffled word (makes me crease up / belly laugh). Seriously smashed it out of the park. Yours sincerely awkward animations ;o)

I loved this; clever, funny, authentic and the music was top notch! Made me laugh and made me think, great work !

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