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Somebody Someone PrendAghast

4 Reviews


Rekindled Spirits

Loved it! Funny, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, great lyrics... and weirdly beguiling!


Really enjoyed this - a fun take on the superhero genre, with some laugh out loud moments. The b&w flashback bumped the whole film up a level, showing directing flair above and beyond what an off-the-shoulder obs doc would usually allow. The ‘man in suit’ vocal overlay in this section made me laugh. Acting was engaging and camera/sound all good. Ending would have benefitted from another pass, but the story idea was otherwise good. Hope to see more from this young team in the future.

The Evolution of Karen

This would be great on stage! Really enjoyed the songs and acting. It felt like the best end-of-year skit ever, but a bit chaotic at times on film. I think more judicious editing and more varied camerawork could have helped that, but overall pretty funny - and impressive to have written so much in one weekend - It’s jam-packed!

Heir of the Taeral

Nice set design and great work dealing with the challenges of shooting in low light. I was pretty confused about what was happening plot-wise, but enjoyed the visuals.