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by lemon lemon

When an amateur documentary crew enters the home of Steven the superhero, they are unprepared to find something far more exciting than Steven's powers...


Great little superhero flick about shitty superpowers.
I enjoyed it, but the ending newspapers felt rushed and the visual effect could have been stronger.

rather than the female hero reveal herself to be superpowered, you could have dropped subtle hints throughout the film, through her actions.

then, she moves out at the end because she cant take it, and then the newspapers start appearing, this would allow the audience to have that 'ah ha' moment.

great work

A mockumentary based around our protagonist being able to make toast with his eyes, with the reason for his documentation by a film crew being his claim that he is the only superhero in the world.

After we literally had "Bread" as the required element in the 2015 this was always going to be a hard sell especially when it pulled almost all the standard mockumentary tropes out that I am not a fan of. Case in point, talking head interview where talks about local toast statistics followed by footage in the apartment where tries to toast some rhye faster to hammer home the joke. It just doesn't really work for me from an engaging storytelling point of view.

Your lead actor performed the material he was given well would be my main positive about the film. Sound was clear too and editing not bad. But the bland apartment detracted from the mostly good camerawork and grading. I get that the whole idea was to make a humanistic mockumentary, but for me it was just as plain as white bread.

The girlfriend playing along but then giving us the predictable ending we expected was a tad flat, basically because the punchline was just again a talking head interview where she listed her powers. Yes there were newspapers to give it scope, but they felt rushed when there was a big opportunity to either use her knowledge of his BS for a story beat earlier in the piece, or really use her powers for something more impactful.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1.5/5

Really enjoyed this - a fun take on the superhero genre, with some laugh out loud moments. The b&w flashback bumped the whole film up a level, showing directing flair above and beyond what an off-the-shoulder obs doc would usually allow. The ‘man in suit’ vocal overlay in this section made me laugh. Acting was engaging and camera/sound all good. Ending would have benefitted from another pass, but the story idea was otherwise good. Hope to see more from this young team in the future.

Caught the last bit of your heat so missed the first 30 or so seconds of this, but even with that bit missing I wasnt disappointed. A little shakey on the technical side, but I am a fan of awkward comedy so this was a hit for me. Great job guys. My notes say I LOL'ed at this a couple times.

Enjoyable which cannot be denied; I thought the script was well paced. Yes punchlines but that take's ahur timing; with time it's a tweak. The special effects were awesome, the acting was on point and was filmed fab. I often have to eat carbs ooh so the very and mirthful common theme resonated, the transitions were impeccable. You um, Toasted it, now use those mind powers to bake something even better next year, a for f awesome :)

The question you should ask yourselves is "Could we have told the same story without making it a mockumentary?" By dipping into that style you also fall into many of the trite trappings of it - awkward off camera glances, boom in shot, flashbacks. Unless you film it all as a single continuous shot there really is nothing fresh about it and you have to really nail the humour or risk it becoming rather tedious. Acting was solid and I liked a lot of the camerawork but those skills could have been applied to a very tight, self-contained origin story about a normal guy finding out one morning that his superpower is making toast.

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