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Heir of the Taeral

by HavingTechnicalDifficulties

A careless boy fails to heed the warnings of a mysterious shopkeeper, and releases an invisible demon previously trapped by his ancestors, the Taeral. The boy learns about the legacy he carries and sets off to correct his mistake by trapping the demon once more. A Having Technical Difficulties film made for 48hours 2021, as a duo ultra team.


Have you seen EVILSPEAK? Because holy moly I was getting mad vibes of that Clint Howard personal favourite here! Some really cool set design work, and handled the Ultra darkness requirement really well with candles lighting the way, although this did result in considerable grain at times.

With a foreboding tone, and set across 300 years, this had a vibe of doom where you knew that something would go wrong given it opened with hands dripping in blood followed by strangulation, and later a warning not to touch the wrong ancient object or a trapped demon could be unleashed, but with an ultimatum of ending chaos and suffering, something had to give.

I genuinely loved the feel of the film, and if that actually was an Evilspeak homage then you can bump up your grade in my heart by a point. I did find the plotline a little jumbled, and felt slightly more could have been done to differentiate the timelines, with the conclusion to the film feeling not nearly as strong as the buildup in my book. Also whilst I loved the overall feeling presented here, it was hard for me to ignore the particularly grainy footage and framing that at times meant I felt it was hard as a viewer as to where I should focus my attention.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

I thought this was a really solid effort from HavingTechnicalDifficulties. Also--great to see you back in the local comp again! The film was well shot, and the use of darkness well executed for Ultra48. The set design was fantastic for the type of film it was, and the props really made the film.

I loved the ancient 'Lorem Ipsum...' text in the book ;)

The heartbeat was also used really effectively. I may have got a little confused on the details of the storyline, but I still very much enjoyed watching it and the whole vibe was just dark, and eerie, and awesome. Well done!

Nice set design and great work dealing with the challenges of shooting in low light. I was pretty confused about what was happening plot-wise, but enjoyed the visuals.

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