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Somebody Someone VicFerrari

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The Ballad of Kiwi Kate




Essentially a film about a woman running through awesome scenery towards a punchline, this short is short on story but it sure moves and is shot beautifully. A fun watch and one of the highlights of the competition so far.

The Immortal

What a shame about the DQ. Some really nice work here. The production design is outstanding. Excellent costumes and props but mostly the beautifully lit ocean-at-night environment. The story gets bogged down in exposition unfortunately and the end could have been clearer. Bringing in the 'made as part of 48 hrs' in the midst of the conclusion was perhaps a mistake. Showing the eyes of one of the characters opening along with the heartbeat and breathing SFX might have sold it better (if I'm reading the ending right). Still, beautiful work, well done.

Nan's Hole

Good stuff. Great title. Fun songs if a little illegible at times, and spirited performances. Character driven musical in under 5 minutes - not easy to pull off. A little rough around the edges and the ending could have used more punch, but hey it's 48 hrs - I'd rather see an engaging story than a technical masterpiece in any format.

Trolley King

Enjoyed this. Dynamic camerawork, action and editing featuring fun characters, within a musical format to boot! The songs were sick and slick. All power to the wage slave. Respect!

Rekindled Spirits

Cute. Resounds with personality and personal vision, standing in contrast to the chaotic sometimes muddy collaboration of many 48 Hr entries. Great voice work and songs, particularly 'Threes'.