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Nan's Hole

by More Vermouth


Well done on making a funny and enjoyable musical! I do feel like there was more potential for a good gag in the eye-hole moment, and a second pass on the sound mix worthwhile, but overall a solid effort!

When handsome Pete moves next door, our lead who lives with her grandma is gifted hope that hanging up her lingerie will perhaps not all be in vain. But with her being a clutz who trips over invisible banana skins at the best of time, nan perhaps needs to play a little bit of cupid to help romance along.

Some nice singing here, with lyrical content that actually developed the plot and provided depths to characters. The fencehole eyeball match up was a striking piece of camerawork for sure.

I do feel that the film was potentially missing a dramatic beat to the proceedings. It was clear that our lead wanted love, but everything to be honest simply fell into place a bit too easily I felt. If there has been some sort of roadblock or drama however minor, it would have made the conclusion more satisfying.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2/5

Good stuff. Great title. Fun songs if a little illegible at times, and spirited performances. Character driven musical in under 5 minutes - not easy to pull off. A little rough around the edges and the ending could have used more punch, but hey it's 48 hrs - I'd rather see an engaging story than a technical masterpiece in any format.

I though the songs and rhyming was great and quite memorable!

Really strong premise and really strong first two thirds, haha.

This has the makings of the definitive musical of the year tbh, I got NEW FISH vibes from some of the production - though my heart sunk during the Granny's song when her vocals got completely drowned out by the music.

I think the ending is also a let down - It feels like something really unique is being constructed and then the final scene is just a date. Could have used a twist or something. Would have also helped if the cafe scene wasn't someone's living room ahhahha.

Things you got right: A really strong premise and a great full-hearted attempt at musical

Things to work on for next time: Your technical side really lets you down, so maybe focus on building up that side.

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