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The Plant Plunderer

by Nerdcouch

The two famous detectives, Owen Lee and Oliver Lawson, are called to the house of the mysterious Evelyn Everleigh to uncover the great mystery of The Plant Plunderer.


This was a film rich in dialogue, nice writing. Loved the visuals with all the plants added to the production value. Over all an enjoyable film.

Nice work boys, a few moments of really nice writing in there and some fun performances! Well done :)

This made me laugh so many times. It's impressive how clear the storyline was for a short film with so many twists and turns. The cast were all naturally charismatic and had great chemistry which made is just great fun to watch. Hope to see the cast and crew in theatre and films in the future.

Two detectives set about investigating a case of stolen plants. Another solid effort from one of the younger Taranaki teams, Nerdcouch.

What went well:
The characters in this were diverse in their personalities, and brought to life well by the engaging performances from the cast. Amelia was a particular highlight for me, along with the tall detective's attempted attack using long words from the dictionary, haha (sorry I forgot which detective was named which!). Music and sound were done well, and the writing was really good with several moments of comedic gold. A good variety of locations were used to maintain interest.

What could be improved:
I felt like the pacing could have been a little tighter, but this is always one of the main challenges with 48 hours--picking the right sized story for a 5 min film. I thought your story arc was really good, but perhaps a touch full for 5 mins, which probably made it a little more challenging to get the pacing to carry the viewer along. A slightly less complex story arc might have allowed for parts with faster pacing, and for space for the story to breathe in other parts.

Next steps:
Don't get me wrong, what you had was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm no expert either so just my thoughts :) But sometimes simplifying the story, or number of characters, can help take a 5 min film from good to great for 48 Hours. Awesome effort, and can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

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