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Somebody Someone HolShan

2 Entries and 10 Reviews


Bathtime: Episode One

Boho Hobo

City Finalist


Hello Stranger


This Way Home

Fun new animation work Hannah, I really enjoy your dry humour moments. The first time the creepy forest eyes popped in I loved. And the waffle! Good stuff in such a short amount of time.


The swimming pool scene was a highlight for me! I loved the surrealism here in the 'dream' state. Nice muted grade in the opening and end pieces, and some nice editing choices x well done team :)

The Plant Plunderer

Nice work boys, a few moments of really nice writing in there and some fun performances! Well done :)

Carpe Diem

Stunning cinematography. Loved the interpretation of dance film, I'm sure not many would have chosen this. Music was used well to tell the story. Really sweet and beautiful.

Weeping Waters

Wonderful idea to base on true events. I enjoyed your young actors performances!

The Heartless Calculating Bastard

SUPER location - very clever to source that, can tell you guys know what you are doing ;) LOVED the surgery and a bit of splatter!!

An Unexpected Lifespan

I really enjoyed this!! Charming little film with some nicely pitched humour!


The reveal of your three undercover characters was wonderful!

Broken Tracks

Superbly shot Flynn, especially the opening, some really gorgeous shot choices and editing. George Stephens you shine on camera mate! Shame you got disq but a great effort guys!!!