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by Moafilm


Engaging, fun, a clear (complex!) plot and consistent characters. This team shows a huge amount of promise, so well done and congrats! I hope you guys keep making movies and find ways to work around or hide the inevitable flaws, short-takes and technical limitations that come up in any film-making process.

The opening of this is really funny and timely, it establishes a character, and a relationship, and it sets up a conflict - brilliant and efficient. The twist ending works on multiple levels - these guys are stuck with a lemon now! And everything in between served to further the highly original narrative.

Usually I think youth-teams should tell youth-stories, but if anything this must be the exception that proves the rule.

Genuinely impressive effort and result. If you guys can get a decent producer on-board to look after credits (music? writing?) and keep practicing your craft, I think there's a very bright future here.

(Saw this when it was briefly set to publicly-viewable 😅)

Great script and nice ending, well done!

A great effort from a young team! Solid story with a good script, and heaps of potential. It included some of the usual 48 Hours technical issues, but the story was clear and the performances good.

One thought was that the letter at the start was a little long, so it was hard to catch what was happening from the letter, until the characters started talking about it. A shorter letter, or some voice over of the key point may have helped draw us into the core issue of a story a little more quickly, but this is just a thought.

Otherwise, it was an enjoyable watch, loved the planning montage and music! Look forward to seeing what this team does next :)

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