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Science Fact or Science Fiction

by Lockdown Legends League

In a world defined by fake news can our contestants tell fact from fiction in a wacky new game show.


(Pssst, change your video settings to "Public" so we don't need the password to view it!)

Haha, loved this :) This is a topic that's close to my heart! Especially at the moment--you can't escape it on social media right now!

But back to the film. What an awesome family effort. I loved the premise, and the script was well written. The voice acting was great, the kids did a great job. There were a few plosives causing clipping in the VO audio, so when you're recording audio make sure you're far enough away for it to be clear but not clip on those P's etc. Of course, always easy when you have infinite time, but not so much in 48 hours!

Great way to use Lego for an animation. Loved the pies in the face too!

What fun. Particularly loved the fact about a ducks quack, didn't even know it was a thing! Great script. So neat knowing the people behind the voices.

Very cool. Great concept! Loved the spider and the pie in face! Script was excellent and the kids did a wonderful job with their parts. Well done team!

Nicely written & Lego'd. Entertaining AND informative!

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