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Default Avatar IMCO

I think this team were first-timers and was thoroughly impressed. They handled the genre really well and their concept was original. Solid acting throughout. Look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.

This film polarised my husband and I. He loved it, I wasnt a massive fan - mostly because I figured it out before the surprise twist was revealed. I feel like it took too long to get there - I appreciate the story was based around her routine and that needed to be established though. In saying all of that that I also think the camera work was excellent, the acting was very good by everyone and the concept was very much in keeping with the genre. And the fly soundtrack building thoughout was a nice touch. ;)

I enjoyed the cinematography in this film, and it was a clever story line. In some ways it's a shame that we see the genre of the movie before we watch it as I also figured out the plot twist early given that it was a horror! Felt it moved a little slow covering all the days of the week, but they did really good job of putting it together and making all of the shots varied despite the same things happening every morning. If you guys were first-timers then well done, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

Default Avatar tickthis

I loved the use of B&W vs colour in this film. Yes, I agree that I as worked out the twist before it was revealed but had I not know it was a horror, than that might have been different. I would love to see this team carry on in subsequent years as I think you have a real talent.

Default Avatar 4Mary

At the end of the night it was your film that kept running through my mind - how clever on all counts. It is what great short films are made of. Just a thought if you showed different shots of the routines for each day, but just enough to reveal the repetitive nature of the days would have added more drama to the film. Audiences don't need a lot to get the picture. Very clever close ups and editing. My favourite film.

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