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The Shoe Box

by Touching Cloth Productions 334 views


Loved the distinction between the two Nicky's - colour, sound, even pacing. A sweet crane shot. Great acting, and actually successfully inspirational, well done.

Really good film, truly inspirational.

Well done. The most real and technically excellent film I saw. Great camera angles, brilliant use of colour filters and the acting was great too. It actually felt inspirational, and I almost cried.

Just watched this in the screening room. Wow this was shot so well, the actors were mint the storyline was mint and this was inspirational. loved it!!not sure why this one didn't get into the finals?

Default Avatar MattC

Really nice work here - the shoebox is a lovely idea, great look with the different colour tones and smooth camera movement, nice score, very neatly constructed, simple story. Elegant stuff! I almost missed the required line - very well integrated into a larger piece of dialogue which functioned as a light moment in a film which was pretty bleak in the middle (and genuinely inspirational at the end).

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