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Us... But Mainly You.

by Pastafarian Productions 161 views


Default Avatar IMCO

This 2 person team get my admiration and respect for creating multiple characters effectively. Competently adhered to genre. Loved the granny under the blanket. Some nice shots in there too.

I think this team did a great job with the genre. It's one of my favourite genres to watch. The storyline was clever, and the two actors were great with all their different characters. I particularly enjoyed hearing a bit of Te Reo by Nana, the little ponies, and I liked the additional narrative of making a campaign video. I would have liked for it to have been a bit darker, with more farcical moments of humour. But for a team of two, I am well impressed with the amount of work they had to do to get this film made.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

We follow Harper Harrison, MP on the campaign trail as he gets a first hand look at the issues with state housing. I think this two person team did a good job with the genre and the thoughtlessness trait of Harper. There were some nice touches of humour, specifically Nana and the Rainbow pony! In general, I felt it lacked a bit of pace and probably could have been a lot shorter. Perhaps too, instead of the mockumentary style in parts a more interesting story could have been generated through the relationship between the characters - eg: things could have turned rather dark at the house. Some nice camerawork at times, sound was good (apart from a little bit of wind noise on the mic) and did you use a drone for the overhead shot? Nice, but probably unnecessary! Look like you had a heap of fun. Well done!

I really enjoyed the thoughtless of Harper, it was played well and created a good amount of humour. A two person team is always a tough proposition, especially when you script so many characters. I thought you dealt with this well however and I enjoyed the charm of the ever-changing costumes. A tighter edit would have maximised the humour of the main character.

House of Cards meets house of shame. Some great 'fourth wall' moments and judicious use of drone shots. Loved the bronies and bronytails! Tāua was a hoot. The match cut was pulled off with flair. You are a very versatile team - I also loved last year's effort too. Awesome! Also, very timely considering the tragedy of this story:

Lots of really cool ideas and elements in this film result in a charming wee comedy. You guys are great, I bet you had a lot of fun doing this. I thought the characters were great, loved that Harper was a slimy Brony and the Maori Grandma made me chuckle. While your storytelling and dialogue is good, albeit the delivery from you as actors could be a little improved, I think you should work on your structure, because I didn't find myself wondering what would happen next, more just watching events unfold, and ultimately they didn't end anywhere unexpected anyway. That being said, a story about politics never ended up boring me, so you must have done something right! Love the title btw, "Us... But Mainly You" is intriguing and relevant. Drone shots probably weren't needed, but I'm sure it was fun. I could easily see you guys going pretty far in this competition in the future if you put a little more work into your technical work, especially editing. Perhaps expanding the team to three people?!

Default Avatar 4Mary

That grandma under the blanket was great. Some tighter camera shots may have made it more interesting visually. I did enjoy it though.

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

Thought you did great with a 2 person team and you did really well with the genre especially since it was your first shot at comedy. You both did a great job with the multiple characters that you played and I liked the ending with the follow up messages. Could have been made shorter in a few parts and I am kind of torn with the birds eye view shots, thought they looked great but I'm not sure they fit with the mockumentry style you went for. Really liked the intro that you did too, simple but good.

For a two person crew, this is a darn good effort. Hannah and Josh have got quite a good wit between them too, delivering a state-housing politics comedy that - appropriately - ends with absolutely nothing getting done. Though I have to admit - the funniest part to me was their team intro. If there are two things this short could have benefited greatly from, it's... 1) Tighter editing. By cutting out needless shots (e.g. drone shots of Harper walking), you'll get to the gags quicker. This 7 minute short could have been 4.5 minutes long and the pacing would've thanked you for it. 2) Staying true to your mockumentary roots. Having only two people, there was no way you could have kept the mockumentary handheld look, which is a pity, because that inconsistency is very noticeable. Still, I had a solid couple of laughs watching this.

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