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Double Booked

by Having Technical Difficulties 331 views


Default Avatar IMCO

I really enjoyed this quirky short - shame about the sound issues. Some great acting and clever twists. Look forward to seeing more from this team.

Default Avatar Tamara Rimland

How amazing that the THEATRE sound didn't work and your team 'Having Technical Difficulties' was about to film CLASSIC, you guys FREAKED OUT! From the shrieking woman (maybe guys too) behind me. What a rip snorter of a pun there. Well when the dude corrected that after intermission, it was all go. Great story, chase the boy. Problem with outside running around is of course the sound. Acting was funny. Didn't really have much of a storyline it didn't go anywhere. Lingering on the iPhone was too long in the beginning, we saw it, we got it. Im glad the sexy guy got away. But would of been happy if he was stopped in his tracks by a better looking sexy woman that didn't want him back. Hell yeah! He was cute but come on.... audience loves payback!

I enjoyed this film. It was fun, quirky and the storyline was simple but it worked well. I noticed a few sound issues (which all of us with basic equipment have to deal with), and there were a couple of scenes that could have been shortened but overall I liked it. I thought the dark haired girl was an excellent actress too. :)

I enjoyed the way this movie was structured, and the dark haired girl was a great actor. Some of the sound was a bit harsh outside, and I was a little bit confused as to why he was leading one girl away while the other was following clearly in view of them - was there any point in trying to hide the one girl if the other one had already seen her? I also thought the second one took a wrong turn at one point, but ended up right behind them again, but maybe I just need to see it again :). All in all though, I was impressed, and the script was really well written, especially the lines that meant one thing to the lead actor and another to the person on the other end of the phone - they all sounded legitimate and not forced, and that can be a challenge to pull of well. Nice work!

Default Avatar tickthis

Awesome awesome little film here. I enjoyed it so much. I thought the story was great and well rounded. The twist of having his mate chase him to after getting the wrong impression was unexpected but totally worked. Production quality will get better over time with this team. Keep up the amazing work and you will go far.

Default Avatar 4Mary

A great story. The running through the park was a bit strange, where the girls could see each other. Great acting by the girl with the dark hair. I enjoyed the film.

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