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This film was challenging to watch - but in a good way. Taking the genre and making it their own to highlight the challenges many people in society face - and how a little understanding and friendship can make a difference. Clever audio production and editing. Another great little story from Pastafarian.

Default Avatar Brooke Utiger

excellent film. Very good! X

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman struggles to fit in. An interesting take on the Alien genre. This short was well-shot and reasonable well edited despite containing a bit of camera/tripod noise & some variable audio in places. The voice over was understandable given the situation that was established but it did become a little monotonous. The central premise was to emphasize a lack of interaction but I actually think this hurts the film somewhat as our lead spends much of the time telling us she doesn't fit in rather than showing us why she doesn't. Still, a successful year for this team. Nice job!

A touching film about alienation. Really liked the editing in the dinner scene, it gave a great sense of building tension and anxiety. It could be a good awareness raising video, it just needs a little informational splash screen at the end.

A sweet film that finds a good excuse not to raid a makeup department to make the lead ‘alien-ish’. I felt the narration to be overbearing, bluntly telling me how the character was feeling when the actor was already doing a decent job of that. There was also an aspect about her magnified ability to hear that was a cool concept that wasn’t made the most of. Part of it was technical which is understandable - we’re not all studio teams - but the film would have been far more effective if it pulled more focus into this area. Specifically, more pleasurable sound design at the start to give the ending more impact and the indoor scene more contrast.

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