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Sweet Child Of Time

by Gurgler 77 views


very funny with many memorable moments we talked about afterwards

Is there an Incredibly Strange award again this year? You guys definitely will be a contender! Always great to watch an animation where you can tell the creators are having fun making it - and who are not afraid to push the audience to weird and wonderful places. Some really genius humour throughout - the robot tipping to get back in the spaceship was perfect! There was also a tone of animation produced (despite the deceptively simple style), which is never easy in 48 Hours.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Ticking wonderful and awful boxes at once, this trashamation is a contender for best worst movie.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

The sound left a little to be desired. We were left wondering if we’d just seen a squint eastwood. That could be good or bad. I think it’s a good thing. The ending was satisfying, the artist clearly wasn’t too worried what other people thought, which was satisfying. Really very much loved the big nz lil aus gag

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Wellington always seems to produce these kinds of animated films and I guess, in a good way, Squint Eastwood is to blame. "Sweet Child of Time" (great title) is an unapologetic, raw, in ya face animation that wouldn't work if everything was drawn cleaner & prettier. The style suits the content. Loved that the tears of the baby fueled the time-travel and even the fact they kept it in a cage! Vibrant colours, solid voice acting and yeah, always going to contain some gross-out content. The only thing I found really jarring in this was that default font you used on signage! I do think that you'd set things up nicely going into the ending but I was hoping for something bigger than where it ended up. Great to see Dave back making films in the competition after a couple of years judging/doing other stuff.

Man this was like watching a weird episode of Rick and Morty! A real breath of fresh air here. What I liked: -Johnny 5 robot wheel tracks -Zapping weird alien -Facial expressions Not sure if it suits a theater, or more home TV, but very enjoyable if you have a sense of humour. Thank you for sharing!!

Ok, I am feeling some pressure here as Dave reviews every Wellington film and he sits next to us in the cinema, so first up - thanks Dave for all your reviewing in Wellington! Harvesting tears from a child to power your time travelling spaceship into warp speed isn't easy unless you have a warped mind and a desire to make the audience laugh, which they did, especially when the robot reversed up the ramp. Some good comedic moments and a real laugh out loud crowd pleaser. Things to improve - some more character in your voice-overs. Great to see you back in competition, I feel like your film embodied your team name.

The big issue with this short is something you and the other reviewers are well aware of - the sound. It's why I've rated it as low as I have and probably don't need to restate what's already been covered, eh? I'm 100% on board with the MS paint-style visuals and big-ups on your shadow shot - it looked cool. If there's one piece of advice I can give, it's that you should try with all your might to never have backgrounds that are pure black or pure grey. Even if it's space or simply a metal wall, take some time to paint a texture. Even 30 seconds will do. Make a rush-job out of it. It'll suit your style and make the overall short look much better. My two fave gags: the robot having to lean to fit in the door and NZ being outrageously bigger than the rest of the world while AU drowns in the background. I trust those got a good response out of the audience. Wish I was there to see it.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

It's such a crazy sort of out-there animation I couldn't help but watch it a second time to get a grip on what exactly happened. The art style really seemed to work in favour of the sort of wacky story going on of a group that time travels to tera form a planet though I did think some of the animation could have been a little snappier. The sound sort of seemed as though it was recorded on a phone or something but I don't think it was so terrible that it took away from the film too much. I get the feeling from the other reviewers that perhaps this is the sort of film which is best seen at the heats with an audience that knows what to expect from the usual 48 hours short film.

Default Avatar CatFan

To me, films like this are the true embodiment of 48 Hours. "I don't know what just happened but I love it" and "Am I high?" are my favourite two things to think while watching a film. This had a fun animation style (and I applaud you for managing to crank out an animation as long as that in 48 hours). As others have noted, there are some sound issues contributing to the lower rating. Favourite things: Baby death. Hairy legs after 9 months on the planet. Baby birth.

Certainly a different film, very well created in the 48 hours though. Always amazed at what people can do in the short amount of time especially in terms of animation. Interesting concept through the film. Well done though on your creation, especially being animation and solo/duo

I love a good "what the...?" feeling after a totally random film, and this gave it in spades. I really liked the animation style, although as others have said some of the audio could have been a bit more polished. But that's the thing with 48 hours, there's always a million "couldas" and some of them you run out of time or people power for. Great work, so good to have films like these in the comp still to maintain the diversity rather than everyone following the light hearted simple comedy formula that can often be successful in the comp :)

This is the future Jeff Bezos wants. A disturbingly current lo-fi sci-fi animation that completely derails by the third act. I get the low production value aesthetic works well visually, but sound wise it gets tired quickly. A little more wub and a little less repetition would have the soundtrack dubstepping away from the cringe zone it currently occupies. Worth a watch if you're a fan of Don Hertzfeldt and MS Paint.

This is the sort of film that leaves you with an eye twitching and your brain misfiring. The content and animation style fit together perfectly and while it's not really my cup of tea I can totally appreciate the art of its creation. That pimple is going to haunt my dreams.

A time travel film that took me back to days of 'Liquid TV'. Great characters and voices, left me going 'What the....' But I like that.

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