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Somebody Someone vanillacoke

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PROS: Awesome animation! Neat story. Strange/Weird CONS: Felt a tad long in parts. Opening felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the film. Strange/Weird

Organic Matter

PROS: Awesome cast and nailed the genre! The 'fire' part was incredible. Match Cut perfection too. CONS: I wish there was tiny bit more clarity over the relationship between a couple of the characters.

Beaten to the Punch

PROS: Nice character work made you connect with the lead. Loved the addition of the dog too. CONS: Ending needed more of a 'punch' (no pun intended) just felt like it ended very suddenly - I did like the idea behind the end though :)

The Harper Run

PROS: Action-y feel at the start. The hologram looked neat too. CONS: Not quite sure what the ending twist meant.


great lead actors with many funny moments. minus points: ending didn't quite land and yet another film with violence against women.

Girl with Fig

Nicely shot and graded film (apart from a few abrupt jumpcuts which didn’t feel part of the style). Ending was a little muddled as it wasn’t clear why a certain character left without taking certain important objects with them when they had the upper hand.

The Wind in your Heart

Instant classic! Enough said...

Bread Actually

PROS: Great idea and hilariously awesome opening scene. Great laughs throughout. CONS: A tad long and the sound had a few problems (due to wind removal processes I suspect).

A Dinner For Sinners

some good b&w shots at the start and good makeup but sadly another 48hours film featuring violence against women...

Sweet Child Of Time

very funny with many memorable moments we talked about afterwards