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Organic Matter

by The Outcasts 457 views


PROS: Awesome cast and nailed the genre! The 'fire' part was incredible. Match Cut perfection too. CONS: I wish there was tiny bit more clarity over the relationship between a couple of the characters.

Brilliant story and your ensemble case was great together. Some awkward camera angles/editing in places, and a few sound issues. Loved the end scene, but wished you'd cut before the long, slow motion shot, which kind of drained the mood. Not sure the drone shots were necessary.

Default Avatar Bobby White

Such a great film. Instantly reminded me of "Death at a Funeral" but from a different angle. Great performances by the cast - a little confused by the couple in regards to the others and am not sure the prop was used? (correct me on this if I'm wrong though.) Fire scene was brilliant.

As soon as I saw a bunch of hippies turn up at a graveyard with a cardboard casket on their shoulders, i knew i was going to like this film. It had some great moments, and some hilarity when the funeral proceeded. Great work guys, one of the highlights of the heat.

Default Avatar B.Roll

A very entertaining short, that didn't waste one second of it's screen time. If I had to fault it on something, it would be that the story felt it was lacking a little in substance. That may just be me being picky though. It certainly nailed the genre that's for sure

It is rare for a 48 Hour film to make me laugh out loud, but this did. Seriously hit the black comedy genre perfectly. Built to the climax well. I had two issues with the film, which are minor, but I feel need mentioning. The two characters in suits added little. I think it would have been tighter without them and really came alive when the other characters came in. The drone shots struck me as unnecessary.

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