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Girl with Fig

by Rat King Films


Nicely shot and graded film (apart from a few abrupt jumpcuts which didn’t feel part of the style). Ending was a little muddled as it wasn’t clear why a certain character left without taking certain important objects with them when they had the upper hand.

My notes say this had really good cinematography, and the script was good too as a tradee lets his girlfriend in to the shed of the hoarder he is working for when she offers him a picnic lunch, after said hoarder has gone out to change some locks. Given curiousity killed the cat and her art history knowledge this leads to a precarious scenario for our snoops. Given this had some revelations in it I don't want to give too much away in my review. Acting performances were strong the only thing I wasn't 100% convinced on was the ending which wasn't entirely satisfactory, though I did appreciate the motivation for the "thefts". Art should be seen not locked in dark vaults!

Default Avatar Thesuperpanda

Loved the colour grade and the shots of the film. Some of it was taken up by too much talking but really enjoyed the morals of the story. Will definitely be tuning in to see what's next. Some excitement could be added for the next time around

Definite contender for cinematography - the whole production felt really high quality. Similar to others, I was totally engaged for the first half, but things got a little bit loose trying to tie the story up at the end.

This film looked great, sounded great and was well acted. The narrative structure also worked well, until the final act. It set it up, developed it and then kinda fell away (but only in comparison to the high quality of the previous 3-4 minutes). Many 48 Hours films would love to have an ending as satisfying, it is just that this film deserved more.

Mildly interesting, decently thought out scenario but just fell apart at the end, couldn't figure out what had happened, think he needed to kill them or they needed to be shown escaping.

Glen, a hoarder with secrets needs his locks changed, Tai and his girlfriend make a discovery in his boat shed that change their perception of who Glen really is. This secret identity films was done in a realistic and relatable way, the characters were humble and kiwi, refreshing after seeing the many random American-accent characters that appear in 48Hours films. Ken's performance was top notch and nuanced, Tai's performance was sweet, I would have liked to see more tender moments between Tai and Bo, she was a bit too sharp towards him for no good reason. Ken won best performer prize in Wellington, Congratulations - this is a great achievement with so many other talented performers in the Wellington competition! I wanted the painting 'Girl with Fig' to be a better example of an artwork, since the whole film is about the piece. Although I realise with copyright and time constraints you had to come up with something quickly. Also Glen's reason for stealing the art was so it can be seen, and then it is packed up in a boat shed and then hung up in Bo and Tai's house so only they can see it - that line of reasoning didn't stack up for me. Great location, cinematography and casting. You just needed a bit more work on the script/edit to sell the motivations of the characters and the ending was a bit sudden.

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