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A Dinner For Sinners

by The Babushka Bunch 53 views


some good b&w shots at the start and good makeup but sadly another 48hours film featuring violence against women...

Had great potential but fell a little bit flat in terms of the acting. Cool to see an interesting style, and some experimentation being done in terms of the lighting and camerawork.

Oh man that opening shot of the record playing was majestic. Deeply crisply saturated black and white art just oozing out of the frame...only for the film to unfortunately fall really flat for me in terms of the actual plot. Murderous and cold dinner party with a heavily bound and gagged woman being talked at about God's will and armageddon, this explored a slice of the SE7EN concept but without really offering much new other than a much more questionable explanation for murder than John Doe ever did. I'm pretty over violence against women in this competition :(

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Fairly decent photography of an otherwise cliche horror.

A creepy murdered sets up a dinner party where all the guests are dead and the last live one, a woman, gets killed. Stylistically this film was pretty beautiful. Black and white with a record playing over the movie, it had quite a style going on. The opening scene in particular was quite gorgeous. The story however fell flat. It didn't take me anywhere and was pretty cliched.

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