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The Wind in your Heart

by Lipstick Boys


Great lion king references, quirky fx, fun cast and got a good audience reaction. Nice work!!!

This was genius - loved it from beginning to end. Loved that you weren't taking life too seriously, a tonne of classic Wellington wind gags, some vfx that were so terrible they were amazing, lion king references... what more can you want?! Hope you make it to the finals!

Well this team certainly took the required wind element and ran with it, hard, with a very "Wellington" film. Huge audience laughs as a couple of omnipresent beings who controlled the weather worked to keep Wellington windy, much to the chagrin of metservice. Given it was a father and son duo creating the blusts this certainly met the coming of age challenge, as well as being one of the best nature run amok films in Wellington so far this year. Really low budget effects but the matte work to create the heads in the sky was at least super clean, and I loved that you got outside on the weekend and went hammer and tongs for it. The metservice jokes were the absolute gold part of the film, with the deadpan 2 days accurate record drawing some of the biggest laughs of the night. Would expect to see this on the shortlist. My main gripes would be that the comedy is probably not going to be everyone's cup of tea given just how silly it is, and the cinematography was servicable at best, although the hyper energy of the film made up for that.

Instant classic! Enough said...

This film does have its weaknesses, it's of course not perfect, and it doesn't really extend beyond shallow comedy. It's also the most joyful, funny-tear-inducing, enjoyable film in 48hours this year. My first time watching it had my friends and I jumping in our seats clapping and cheering with massive smiles on our faces. This is Wellington, this is joy, and it is DISGUSTING that this film did not win best use of wind. I mean what the heck?! Thank you so much for making this film.

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