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Somebody Someone Hurley89

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Safety Is Our Concern

Local Guy Gives It A Try


Unforgettable Date

Awesome film, short, sweet, funny and got a great reaction from the audience. Time Travel concept pulls you in from the beginning and the payoff I didn’t see coming and made laugh. Hope to see this at the finals as I think it’s a fun 48 hour watch for a big audience.

The Wind in your Heart

Great lion king references, quirky fx, fun cast and got a good audience reaction. Nice work!!!

Flat Note

I really enjoyed this, thought the team did a great job. Some catchy songs and actors came across really likeable. a hard genre to tackle and they did a great effort. had the audience laughing which is always a good sign. well done :-)

Job Security

Hugely enjoyable, great acting from the leads and terriffic production values. Expecting to see this one in the finals

Are you ready Eddie?

Fun school film, started quite subdued but got funnier as the film moved along. Great work from the young cast, natural talents and they all had played their roles really well. Whoever shot the film also has some real talent and flair for moving camera and framing. If this was shot by a student, amazing work and hope you stick with it and we saw more from you in the future. Great work team, you made a fun film that caught the audiences attention and made everyone laugh. The sweat was gold. Another amazing effort from a school group.