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Unforgettable Date

by Mamas Soup


Awesome film, short, sweet, funny and got a great reaction from the audience. Time Travel concept pulls you in from the beginning and the payoff I didn’t see coming and made laugh. Hope to see this at the finals as I think it’s a fun 48 hour watch for a big audience.

Loved how quickly and effortlessly you set-up the time travel aspect, and then just let characters do the work from there. Had lots of great humour, and the ending had everyone laughing pretty hard.

Default Avatar Troy Coutts

Nice and simply story, great characters and solid humor. Love ya work :)

A guy sinks many double browns before we are drawn into a time travel pen pal world between him in 2019 and the woman he is flirting with in 1985, as they exchange notes and personal items through an urn that traverses time and space. The dropback to the 80s was particularly well done with lycra, neon, and synth music whilst his casual "send nudes" approach unfortunately resonated with the modern world of dating and apps. Interplay between our 2 leads was strong, which was particularly impressive given they were never on screen together so the reactions and conveyance of emotion was all through the performers' own doing. I think the payoff was a little bit predictable myself but still a highly enjoyable film.

I typically find that entrants that have this sort of runtime don't manage to do enough, more time is normally needed to fully develop something. This wasn't the case here, it was a top job all round. Twist on the genre, no one actually time travels but they just send pen pal letters through time via the magic teapot or whatever it was and nearly everything was hilarious. It was also clever to use 1985 as the year of Back to the Future. Time travel is probably one of the genres that's easier with large crews but you made it work nicely. And the ending was priceless. I think if everyone got to see and vote on competition films this would be one of the favourites, it's got general appeal rather than just being aimed at film geeks.

Flirty conversations are had through the magical time travel messaging pot. What starts as getting to know each other turns into a steamy exchange, before going awry. This duo team put together an entertaining and memorable film. The art department and the editing is my favourite aspect, there is no fluff and every shot is there to serve the story. The characters are believable as from that era, through the use of clever styling and art department. Technically impressive considering this is a duo effort! The ending was a little predictable but got some hearty laughs at the heats.

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