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Are you ready Eddie?

by More or less


Fun school film, started quite subdued but got funnier as the film moved along. Great work from the young cast, natural talents and they all had played their roles really well. Whoever shot the film also has some real talent and flair for moving camera and framing. If this was shot by a student, amazing work and hope you stick with it and we saw more from you in the future. Great work team, you made a fun film that caught the audiences attention and made everyone laugh. The sweat was gold. Another amazing effort from a school group.

Really loved this one - was nicely shot, had great performances and a simple story that built over time, with a great ending. The jokes landed and it felt like you guys had fun making it!

I've heard that public speaking is right up there in terms of things most people are the most nervous about in the world, so this was a reasonably realistic portrayal of a boy trying to skimp out from delivering his speech for school in order to avoid embarrassment. Of course plenty of other opportunities provide themselves for him to accidentally be shamed, such as his crush being an environmentalist and his own family having a composting toilet... The actor who played the teacher was fantastic, and the cringe of his short shorts and the failed attempt at romance really ticked the cringe-inducing boxes. Simple but effective film.

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