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by Fix It In Post


One of my favorites in the heat! The two lead characters were great comedic actors, and the humour throughout was great. Loved the random golf bag and awkward walks off screen to fetch items :D

great lead actors with many funny moments. minus points: ending didn't quite land and yet another film with violence against women.

Default Avatar Krystal Thompson

Loved the two main actors, super funny!

Spooked loudmouth armchair film critics show that paranoia and what they show you in the movies can escalate things very quickly when you find a hockey stick in an alleyway. The interplay between the 2 lead actors was really terrific, with a solid script and immersive character creation. Bit of a shame to go for the unexpected violence against a woman trope which has plagued the competition for years, although the timing of the comedy here was edited very soundly. As a comedy of errors this really was top notch as the splats kept on splatting, but giving the audience enough time to recover from their last bout of laughs before producing another unexpected gag. Good work on utilising both the CBD and the beach as distant locations can be a tall order. I just WISH you hadn't gone with the guitar beat from Elvis Costello Pump It Up/Rogue Trader Voodoo Child for your pivotal scene. Loses a whole point for that.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Nice use of locations and costumes. The woman walking alone at night was a bit of a cliche victim but the duo of paranoid idiots were on the mark for this genre. If they came out the back of Reading Courtenay shouldn't they be heading up Opera House Lane from the other end? ;-)

Enjoyed this one, great characters! Violence against women is always a sore point - found out the women who was killed wrote it - so that makes it ok! Great locations, fun film. Love the guy who looked like an ewok!

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Clever. Good chemistry between the leads, and I thought the dragging shot was super creative. Surprised to see the start shot at night. This either meant they shot super early or super late. The ending and killing of a lady left me unsatisfied. But I heard some one scream with the stick impact so it had the impact the creators intended.

Default Avatar roygbiv

super hilarious film starring two of NZs finest up and coming actors, the new kids on the block, would watch again, 10/10

Two Cheech and Chong themed leads are leaving a movie when they come to believe a woman is following them. Plagued by a deep sense of paranoia they defend themselves and kill her in an alley. Turns out she was just trying to return something to them. Bummer. The second half of the film involves disposing of the body, accompanied by more humour. Script-wise the escalation to killing wasn't quite believable and we could have felt a lot more threatened before it would have made sense for them to kill her. I get it was splatstick and you were trying to get into the bloody body cutting up etc but an accidental death might have worked better and given you more fodder for comedy. We see a lot of problems being solve by killing someone in 48Hours and I cant emphasis enough that its not that believable and you really need to set killers up to be capable of murder, even in the heat of the moment and these guys were hilarious bumblers. Keep in mind as well that everyone also makes women the victims of violence in 48Hours and that has gotten pretty tired. Despite that there were some great moments in this film and it played really well in the heat. The two leads in this were great, really funny as a duo of bumbling stoner idiots and the banter made the film. It was also shot really well, editing was snappy and the music was on point. I also note that it looks like you did it all at night so either you started really early or took a risk and waited until Saturday night which is brave.

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