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The Harper Run

by Vertical Cinema Productions 88 views


PROS: Action-y feel at the start. The hologram looked neat too. CONS: Not quite sure what the ending twist meant.

Default Avatar Outcasted

Simple story really nicely told. Good acting from human, robot, and hologram. Great intro.

Default Avatar Bobby White

The beginning started well but I felt it became a bit muddled and lacked pacing that would have made the story tighter and more coherent. Good work with the hologram, but getting the timing right with the dialogue was a good effort but still a few too many. Solid lead performance though.

Default Avatar Rocketman

I enjoyed the concept of this film and the hologram effect was very impressive. Felt the ending was a little unclear and the overall pace was a bit off. The actors were great.

Default Avatar B.Roll

From memory you had some nice set design, and the hologram was well made. The story felt a bit empty though

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